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Overcoming the sales challenges with Awarathon’s Innovative AI tools.

Overcoming the sales challenges with Awarathon’s Innovative AI tools.


  • Consistently ranked in the top 5, this Swiss-based company is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.
  • Operates in 140 countries with more than 100,000 employees globally.
  • They use innovative science and digital technologies to create transformative treatments for great medical needs.


India Business
  • Enhancement in the in-clinic effectiveness of medical representatives.
  • The expertise of medical representatives in terms of detailed information about highly technical and diverse product features, benefits, and applications.
  • Consistency in brand messaging to ensure the company’s image remains aligned with its values and goals, fostering credibility and reliability.
  • Standardization of the sales training procedures that help in enhancing the training results.
  • Absence of a timely constructive feedback system.
  • Difficulties in tracking sales performance metrics and identifying areas that need improvement.

Approaching the solution

  • Utilization of the video roleplay practice platform to create realistic situations.
  • Awarathon’s gamified knowledge quizzes were used to certify the scientific knowledge of Medical reps.
  • The timely feedback report helped the reps to understand the gaps in their performances.
  • Valuable insights to sales managers on specific training needs of individual team members.
  • Dynamic analytics and reports play a pivotal role in providing sales leaders with comprehensive insights
  • The Novartis team saw potential in various AI tools provided by the platform.
  • It rolled out the platform for its major departments such as Cardio Vascular, Oncology, Opthalmology, etc. which includes around 1000 medical representatives.

Difference made

  • Improved efficiency in addressing HCP’s objections and queries
  • Improved consistency in brand messaging while detailing
  • Increase in scientific knowledge proficiency with more than 80% accuracy
  • 2x increase in the competency of team members belonging to the highest accuracy tier
  • More than 90% adoption from each division
  • Reduction in the new rep ramp-up time

Optimize sales success by aligning learning and upskilling with your goals through Awarathon.