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Transforming retail success with cutting-edge AI integration

Enhance retail sales expertise

Equip reps to engage with informed customers confidently

In a world full of savvy customers, Awarathon is here to turn your reps into product pros with our smart AI Persona Trinity, your reps will master product details effortlessly.

Thorough product knowledge practise
Knowledge of industry trends for competitive analysis
Interactive scenario simulations for enhanced communication skills

Cultivate walk-in customer success with soft-skill development

Awarathon's AI Persona Trinity is like your team's personal guide, making every interaction resonate. The realistic practice will help in mastering interactions in no time.

Captivate customer connection and engagement
Nurture Excellence in Dynamic interaction Scenarios
Enrich the communication and interpersonal finesse of reps

Improve retention amidst information overload

AI-driven training breaks down content into digestible modules for increased comprehension, knowledge retention and spaced repetition.

AI-led strategic reinforcement of key features
Gamified quizzes through active engagement and application
Break down vast product information into bite-sized portions

Master customer needs through effective probing

Maximize customer probing with AI-led training. Realistic interactions with Awarathon’s AI persona Trinity ensures reps accurately probe, understand and convincingly address the customers.

Practice probing for customer requirements and budget
Practice and master objection handling
Train reps for a convincing customer interaction

Case studies

A virtual practice environment similar to an actual doctor’s clinic was made available to the learners to assist them with the 3Ps – Prepare, Practice, and Perform.


Improvement in Learner Engagement

15% - 20%

Improved In-Clinic Time


increase in relative growth for learners


Increase in Brand Exposure time

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