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Accelerating Automotive Sales: The Power of AI Roleplays in Dealership Showrooms

Elevating customer satisfaction in showrooms for OEMs and dealers with AI solutions

Transform sales consultants into automotive experts

In the fast-paced automotive industry, sales consultants require a deep understanding of vehicle specifications, industry trends, competitor offerings, legal and regulatory information. Awarathon's AI simulations provide immersive training to equip your team with this vital knowledge.

Knowledge-building activities help in addressing customer inquiries confidently
Continuous practice helps to build a good command of legal and financial knowledge
Differentiate your dealership's value proposition with insights into competitor offerings and market trends

Enhancing the in-store customer experience

The in-store customer experience plays a pivotal role in driving sales and fostering long-term customer relationships, our AI-powered solutions are designed to enhance this experience by equipping sales teams with the tools and knowledge needed to engage customers effectively.

Practising with different AI personas enables confident interactions with customers
Enhance customer engagement with personalized interactions
Perform professional, knowledgeable demonstrations of vehicles

Mastering objection handling and probing skills

Mastering objection handling and probing is essential for understanding customer needs and delivering tailored solutions in automotive sales. Awarathon’s AI personas generate relevant objections and provide accurate responses to consultants' questions, fostering effective customer interactions.

Practice through realistic objection-handling and probing scenarios
Learn effective probing techniques to uncover customer preferences and pain points
Receive real-time feedback based on performance metrics, enabling continuous improvement

Enhance after-sales service excellence

Awarathon's AI solutions enable automotive dealerships to establish a proactive after-sales service strategy by facilitating practice sessions for customer interactions post-sale. Through AI-driven simulations and personalized coaching, dealerships can enhance their ability to engage with customers effectively, address inquiries, and provide exceptional post-sale support.

Refine customer interaction skills, including handling inquiries and resolving issues
Personalize post-sale follow-ups, ensuring timely communication and addressing
Build lasting relationships by delivering consistent and exceptional after-sales service experiences.

Case studies

A virtual practice environment similar to an actual doctor’s clinic was made available to the learners to assist them with the 3Ps – Prepare, Practice, and Perform.


Improvement in Learner Engagement

15% - 20%

Improved In-Clinic Time


increase in relative growth for learners


Increase in Brand Exposure time

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