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Elevate client interactions with Awarathon’s AI powered sales enablement platform

Empower, Engage, Excel: Transforming conversations into revenue

Boost confidence through skill enhancement

Awarathon's realistic simulations empower RMs and agents to refine their pitch, deepen client rapport and handle client interactions confidently.

Enhance communication through realistic customer simulations
Build Confidence through repeated and risk-Free practice sessions with Awarathon’s practice module
Sharpen soft skills through self-supervision with actionable feedback reports

Equip sales executives with in-depth expertise

In a dynamic financial market, executives must master product knowledge, stay informed on regulations, and understand competitor offerings ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Realistic sales simulations with Trinity offer insights into features, use cases, and benefits
Enable reps to tailor pitches for diverse client needs, boosting cross-selling and up-selling
Integrate gamified training for enhanced knowledge retention

Facilitate training accessibility for anywhere, anytime

Optimize training with AI-generated reports for self-supervised learning. Provide agents flexible accessibility through self-paced training, ensuring a tailored and efficient learning experience.

Accessible on any device to facilitate seamless access
Facility to train on-field
Improved accessibility fosters interest and adoption, offering reps comfort and convenience

Reduce Attrition rate with Awarathon

High employee turnover results from demotivation and lack of growth opportunities. Awarathon tackles this with interactive and engaging training that improves employee retention.

Fun, engaging and interactive Training Journey with AI persona
Actionable feedback reports promote self-supervision and improvement
Boost skill mastery and performance

Case studies

Explore how Awarathon revolutionized sales in rural areas, overcoming language barriers with a multi-lingual sales enablement platform. Discover the seamless integration of sales technology in low-bandwidth regions.


Improvement in Learner Engagement


Product Knowledge Efficiency


Learners belonging to top performer category


Increase in customer exposure time

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