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Let’s Co-create Tomorrow

Grow alongside us in our rapid expansion, sculpting a career filled with pride and triumphant milestones.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition team involves attracting and gaining new customers for a business by increasing the customer base, expand market share, and ultimately boost revenue.

Being a part of Awarathon's work culture has been an enriching experience. The collaborative ethos here, coupled with the commitment to mentorship, has created a space where every team member thrives. Surrounded by industrious and inspiring individuals, my journey has been one of constant learning and growth.

Samiksha Parab
Customer Aquisition Associate

Customer Success

Customer success teams focus on ensuring customers derive maximum value from a product or service. They provide support, guidance, and solutions to enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and overall success.

At Awarathon, customer success goes beyond issue resolution; it's about building enduring relationships and ensuring our customers reach their goals. Being a part of this team is a daily testament to the remarkable impact we make on our clients' experiences also it has allowed me to hone my leadership skills, fostering an environment where each member is empowered to excel.

Rahul Shegokar
Senior Customer Success Associate

Product Development

A product development team is responsible for building and enhancing products, bringing together experts in areas such as product management, design, engineering, and marketing.

We're the pioneers, diving headfirst into uncharted territories, conducting deep dives into research, and turning visionary ideas into real, tangible products. What makes us tick? It's that unbeatable team spirit – where every crazy idea isn't just a possibility but proof of our shared dedication to breaking barriers and shaping the future. Here's to turning 'what if' into ‘heck yeah!’

Jagdisha Patel
Product Development Senior Associate


A group of creative minds dedicated to elevating our brand and products, they navigate the ever-evolving landscape with strategic brilliance. From crafting compelling campaigns to engaging with our audience, this team is the driving force behind our market presence.

The vibrant energy and dedication within our marketing team are a testament to the collective commitment to Awarathon's success. It's not just about promoting a product; it's about creating an impactful brand story that resonates. Proud to be a part of a team that's not just marketing; we're crafting an experience.

Latika Yeldi
Growth Associate

Human Resources

The HR team helps in managing the human capital and fostering a positive work environment,recruitment, employee onboarding, training and development and employee relations.

My role involves more than just traditional HR responsibilities. It's about nurturing the vibrant and friendly culture that defines our company. From team-building initiatives to fostering open communication, we prioritize a workplace where everyone feels heard, valued, and enjoys coming to work.

Perceval Cardoz
Human Resources Senior Associate

We're dedicated to fostering a workplace where every individual feels empowered to embrace their authentic selves every day.