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From Passion to Purpose

Born as an idea to spread and track awareness, we've transformed into a pioneering force, reshaping learning through AI-enabled sales training tools

The Remarkable Journey from Dorm Room Dreamers to AI Pioneers

Dreaming Beyond Walls

In a humble dorm room, two visionaries shared a dream of positive change through social entrepreneurship.

The Awareness Marathon

The recognition of the transformative power of education and innovation sparked the creation of Awarathon, an awareness marathon quiz platform to spread knowledge and empower individuals.

Integrating AI Into Learning

Targeting the often overlooked Learning and Development segment, we harnessed AI to create a groundbreaking tool: an AI-powered video roleplay platform. This innovation emphasizes continuous practice, transforming theory into practical mastery.

Turning Vision to Reality

Today, our journey has transcended expectations. Working hand-in-hand with major pharmaceutical and finance companies, we are at the forefront of developing the world's first AI-enabled sales simulator

Awarathon's Guiding Principles

Awarathon is inspired by NASA's Mars satellites and their exploration, resilience, and potential. They innovate for impactful change and explore new frontiers.

Know about our Co-founders

Harshal Shah

Co-founder, CEO

Harshal is our enthusiastic commander-in-chief, with an obsession for efficiency, education or any combination of the two. His work at Awarathon encompasses all aspects of product, sales, marketing and user experience.He is a Harvard Law School alumnus and credits this experience with helping him find the social entrepreneur within.

Rahul Ghatalia

Co-founder, CTO

Rahul is a tech geek and web entrepreneur, always looking for innovative approaches and solutions to business problems. He brings technological sophistication to Awarathon, along with experience of serving global clients at his online media company. He received his Master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia and Web from Algonquin University, Canada.

Get to Know Our Team Leaders

Our team consists of passionate and diverse individuals led by visionary leaders who strive for innovation and success. They possess unique strengths that drive the team forward.

Rahul Surve

Product Lead

Rahul Surve

Rahul is a skilled Product Lead with a flair for turning innovative ideas into reality. With a strong background in data science, he brings a strategic approach to crafting products that meet and exceed client expectations. Rahul's expertise lies in translating concepts into tangible solutions, driving success in the dynamic realm of product development.

Shivani Patil

Sales Lead

Shivani Patil

Passionate about solving puzzles and ensuring client success, Shivani is the dedicated Customer Success Lead. With a keen eye for details, she oversees the entire customer success team, ensuring top-notch service delivery. Her unique skill set extends to leveraging client insights for product development, creating a seamless synergy between customer satisfaction and product enhancement.

Priyanka Phadke

Growth Manager

Priyanka Phadke

Priyanka, our dedicated Growth Manager is a dynamic force orchestrating all branding and marketing endeavours. Passionate about the power of social media, she not only manages comprehensive campaigns but also brings firsthand experience from her blog. With a robust understanding of products, she seamlessly integrates brand narratives, ensuring a compelling and informed approach to driving growth.

Nikita Karmakar

Customer Acquisition Manager

Nikita Karmakar

Nikita, a seasoned Customer Acquisition Lead, brings a discerning eye for untapped markets to the forefront. Her strategic acumen and hands-on leadership guarantee the team's success in pinpointing new prospects and nurturing meaningful connections. Committed to expanding market reach, Nikita is dedicated to driving growth through the implementation of highly effective customer acquisition strategies.

Awarathon thrives on vibrant Work culture

We are a place where diversity is celebrated, talent is nurtured, and growth is empowered. It's a place where collaboration leads to innovation, passion drives excellence, and work is a fulfilling journey.

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