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World’s First AI-Enabled Sales Simulator

Meet Trinity. A smart virtual training assistant for your sales team.

Know her super powers

Trinity’s capabilities are specifically tailored to help you succeed in the competitive world.

Creates a Realistic Sales Simulation for an enhanced learning experience

Immersive and interactive training experience that closely resembles the dynamics of real sales calls.

Allows you to customize AI personas as per organization’s need

Design your own AI persona or select from a diverse range of customer profiles tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Trinity's accurate probing and objection-handling enhance the sales skills

Ability to provide accurate responses to the probing questions and it also generates relevant objections that closely mimic the challenges that the sales team faces in an actual sales call.

Sales Performance Boost Through Instant Feedback

Real-time instant feedback reports help sales professionals understand strengths, weaknesses, and improvement areas.

That's not it! There‘s much more in terms of Trinity’s capabilities.

Build your reps’ competence and confidence, so their sales pitch is always perfect.

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

Glenmark empowered sales reps and improved in-clinic effectiveness with Awarathon

Awarathon's structured environment empowers sales reps for multiple practice sessions, while managers also benefit, from gaining insights and reviewing their performance. It boosted reps' confidence and resulted in improved in-clinic effectiveness.

Aditya Dixit
DGM at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Reddy's successful synchronization of its LMS Platform with Awarathon

We liked the video-based assessment of Awarathon’s platform, which we integrated within our existing LMS system. In addition, the video roleplay features offered were good enough for us to accelerate our sales capability building while saving time & effort.

Harsh Monga
Director & Head of Sales Training

Vertitaz Healthcare employs Awarathon to drive sales success

Awarathon helped us to measure the knowledge and sales performances of our team. Their sales Optimization report module helped us to manage our entire salesforce effectively

Rajendra Dhandhukia
Managing Director

Me Cure Group drives their sales performance with Awarathon

Awarathon streamlined our business process and sales operations. The Report dashboards were also easy to understand and helped us in improving our work efficiency.

Ariun Udani
Executive Director

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