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Optimising In-Clinic effectiveness with Awarathon’s AI-enabled sales training simulation.

Revolutionizing sales excellence in Life Sciences

Enhance Effectiveness by Building Confidence

Awarathon's AI simulations and interactive video roleplay enhance medical representatives' pitch and skills, fostering improved engagement with healthcare professionals for a more effective sales force.

Practice the pitch multiple times
Refines their detailing skills and strengthen scientific knowledge
Holistic approach enhances confidence in sales force

Empower Sales Reps with Scientific Knowledge

The industry demands Medical Representatives with a strong knowledge base on molecules, composition, medicine workings, recommended dosage, benefits, and side effects.

Comprehensive increase in understanding your product knowledge
Strategic product mastery through research and Industry insight
Effective resolution of queries

Customize Your Training Platform

Tailored to your company's distinctive client profiles, client role-play scenarios can be simulated. Be it price negotiations, competitor analysis or objection handling awarathon makes Medical Reps ready for handling different in-clinic situations.

Client-Centric Scenario Simulations
Customized Role-Play for Varied Situations
In-Depth Preparation for Different Scenarios

Speedify Onboarding with Adaptive Training

Awarathon accelerates onboarding through tailored learning paths, virtual simulations, continuous assessment, and adaptive learning.

Virtual Simulations for Practical Experience
Continuous Assessment for Skill Enhancement
Tailored Learning Paths

Case studies

A virtual practice environment similar to an actual doctor’s clinic was made available to the learners to assist them with the 3Ps – Prepare, Practice, and Perform.


Improvement in Learner Engagement

15% - 20%

Improved In-Clinic Time


increase in relative growth for learners


Increase in Brand Exposure time

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