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Mankind Pharma’s Journey with AI-Enabled Video Role-Plays

Reinventing Sales Training with AI-Enabled Video-Roleplays.


  • Incorporated in 1995, Mankind is India’s 4th largest pharmaceutical company, ranking 1 in prescriptions. 
  • Provides a diverse range of formulations across chronic and acute therapeutic areas and several consumer products.
  • Strong presence in India with more than 22,000 employees 
  • Presence across Asia, Africa, South-East Asia, Gulf countries etc.


India Business
  • Requirement of a risk-free practice platform where medical representatives (MR) can practice their skills.
  • Need for a solution that could provide realistic exposure to interaction with health-care professionals.
  • A training platform adaptable to Mankind’s sales force’s on-the-go needs. 
  • It was a challenge to monitor training and the performance of a large sales team.
  • Maintaining engagement and motivation during training, particularly for lengthy or complex courses.

Approaching the solution

  • Implementation of Awarathon’s roleplay module which allowed a continuous risk-free practice environment.
  • Situations including realistic objections asked by HCPs were created mimicking real-world scenarios.
  • The app can be accessed from many devices including mobile phones, laptops, and tabs suitable for on-the-go training.
  • Awarathon provides robust analytics and performance-tracking features. These tools helped managers monitor progress.
  • Awarathon’s gamified and interactive modules make the training experience helped in keeping MRs interested.
  • The AI report provides an in-depth performance review of all MRs allowing self-motivated practice.

Difference made

  • 2x growth in the performance of novice and at-risk MRs on the platform within the time duration of 5 months.
  • Increased the relative growth between scores of different quarters by 10%, indicating a more balanced performance growth.
  • Maintained an average accuracy rate of over 70% among participants in all training modules, demonstrating efficacy.
  • More than 70% of participants consistently achieved scores within the optimal range of 70%-80%
  • Expedited the time-to-market for new products by ensuring sales representatives were quickly trained.

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