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A sales enablement platform in alignment with its sales process.

A sales enablement platform in alignment with its sales process.


  • Abbott Nutrition is a division of Abbott Laboratories, a global healthcare company.
  • Operates in over 160 countries, serving millions of consumers worldwide.
  • With over 14000 employees in India.
  • Specializes in producing nutritional products and supplements.


  • They required a sales enablement platform that is in alignment with the steps involved in their detailing call.
  • Difficulty in certifying product and brand knowledge of their medical representatives.
  • There were many challenging in-clinic scenarios that medical reps had not prepared to face in advance. 
  • Difficulty in taking the learning to the medical representatives on the field. 
  • Challenges in developing effective communication skills of medical reps while detailing to doctors.
  • Lack of timely constructive feedback to drive medical reps’ performance.

Approaching the solution

  • The pilot project was rolled out to teams from 3 countries India, Philippines and Indonesia and everyone from the medical reps to the district sales managers used the platform. 
  • Customization of the Awarathon’s assessment structure in alignment with that of the detailing framework of Abbott Nutrition.
  • Awarathon’s realistic clinical simulation and reshoot video feature allowed medical reps to practice handling challenging detailing sessions multiple times. 
  • With the manual assessment feature, managers were able to provide timely constructive feedback to their team members.
  • The intent mapping feature of Awarathon helped AI to capture the key points in medical representatives’ detailing even when the languages and detailing styles of reps were different.

Difference made

  • Continuous practice on the Awarathon platform resulted in improved confidence while pitching to HCPs. 
  • More than 80% of the participants found the platform interesting and engaging.
  • Accurate alignment of the platform’s parameters with the training steps of Abbott enabled them to create a robust sales training structure that resulted in 2x improvement in the selling skills of the medical reps. 
  • Awarathon’s product certification ensured consistent brand messaging throughout the field force. 

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