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Successful synchronization of sales readiness platform and sales LMS.

Successful synchronization of sales readiness platform and sales LMS.


  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Hyderabad, India.
  • They have a presence in over 75 countries and more than 25000 employees working worldwide representing 53 nationalities.
  • The commitment to provide affordable and innovative medication to people around the world


  • The training process shifted online due to the changing work pattern.
  • Absence of a sales readiness platform to work in sync with the existing LMS system.
  • No feasibility of role-play, considered to be most impactful for skill building and practice methodology.
  • Lack of pitch practice and consistency from the medical representatives, an important factor in addressing the doctors.
  • Absence of skill measurement and real-time feedback.

Approaching the solution

  • Implementation of Awarathon’s virtual training platform to improve the medical representatives’ in-clinic effectiveness.
  • A virtual practice environment similar to an actual doctor’s clinic was made available to the learners by Awarathon to assist them with the 3Ps – Prepare, Practice, and Perform.
  • Through feedback reports, sales managers gained better clarity on how medical sales reps performed in the practice assessments.
  • Seamless integrated with its current LMS system allowed them to align training goals with Awarathon’s role play assessments.
  • Awarathon’s detailed reports allowed a holistic overview of the entire team’s progress chart to the management.
  • Identification of competency gaps helped the management in understanding in what areas more training efforts are required

Difference made

  • Learner Engagement improved by almost 50% within 3 months.
  • Up to 25% increase in Brand Exposure time during customer interactions for key brands.
  • In-Clinic Time improved by 15% – 25%, indicating an improved ability to engage customers
  • 55.49% relative growth was observed with learners using the platform consistently for more than a year

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