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World’s First AI-Enabled Sales Simulator

We are excited to introduce the world’s first sales simulator, which features Trinity – an AI-generated humanoid persona. Trinity is designed to help organizations train their sales representatives within a digital environment that simulates real-life sales pitches. This customizable training arena enables companies to enhance the skills and knowledge of their sales personnel, providing them with opportunities for upskilling and reskilling to keep up with evolving markets.

In this module, a sales representative interacts with Trinity through a phone camera or web screen using interactive video role-plays. Trinity can assume various roles such as an angry customer, a cheerful buyer, or even a doctor with experience ranging from 2 to 25 years depending on the needs of the company. The objective of this training is to help sales representatives extract crucial information from clients effectively.

Trinity possesses conversational abilities and will discontinue the interaction if deceived, mimicking the behavior of a genuine client. Moreover, Trinity reads, records, and translates the performance into a detailed report for team leaders to track the progress of each participant. The assessment tool evaluates various aspects, including gestures, clarity of thought, confidence, key knowledge, and skill parameters, providing actionable feedback through scorecards and dashboards within the app.