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When It’s Time to Scale Your Sales Readiness Strategy?


When It’s Time to Scale Your Sales Readiness Strategy?

Sales Readiness Approach: 

The sales readiness approach/ strategy is essential for overall successful sales to happen. The working restrictions, unstable markets, and economic crises have been terrible for most organizations from the previous year. The pandemic situation showed that one of the most significant factors for survival is an efficient sales force. Companies require a set of professionals and experts in their sales team to get there out for selling with consistency and close more deals smartly. Due to the challenging situation of last year challenging situation, many organizations opted for a modern sales-readiness approach. It is a relief for most sales teams and professionals whose organizations opted for a sales readiness platform, but the work pressure to deliver things continues. Scalability is essentially more than before for organizations as there is a demand for more clients/buyers from a small sales team due to the existing conditions. 

So when is the right time to Scale? 

Every company drives a sales readiness approach differently. It varies from company to company; different companies have different structures for their sales teams. Some have a proper detailed system while others are planning to hire a sales manager. For startups, an individual is expected to manage half a dozen things – new client onboarding, handling existing ones, training new employees, performing after-sales activities, being a part of marketing discussions, and many more. 

Every business adapts to the subsequent standard, driving new products and services or rethinking how they deliver their current ones. Your sales enablement plan needs to be as adaptable and agile as your business. Most enablement teams are crafted to serve the modern state of a business without considering the requirements to support a later state. If you’re using the same sales enablement plan as you have in the past and hoping that it will suffice to move ahead, think again. You won’t promote your sales force and other teams unless you can adapt to new products, market requirements, or opponents. 

Signs you need to Scale. The new hiring: 

If your newly hired team is 1. unable to meet the sales quotas as per your expectation or are 2. unable to grasp things faster or 3. aren’t going the extra mile to take things up to completion. These could be the signs the sales coaching or training you provided them might not be practical to understand and train them well enough. Either they are not finding it valuable enough to execute things better, or there is some gap required to get addressed by the sales coach and the sales managers. A sales readiness strategy could work here to assist your new sales reps in identifying various gaps to diagnose the exact problem. Explore more about sales onboarding here: 

The decisions you make:

Your decisions should always be backed with data rather than gut feeling. Is your sales pitch successful? Is your content communication up to the mark? Which sales rep is struggling with what concerns? Is your team handling objections in the best ways possible? You need to find the actual cause of the problem and craft a solution for it. Again a sound sales readiness strategy could help here for your sales team to address things better. 

The time allocation: 

Either your sales team is spending a lot of time replying to internal emails, gathering the required content to share with the clients, is busy in some admin work or HR tasks, or work that is not directed to the core sales activities. Ensure your sales readiness strategy can deliver the required information and knowledge to the sellers as they need quickly to free them up to focus on closing business. If you see any of these four signs, it’s time to re-evaluate your sales readiness strategy. 

Challenge: Fast-growing Company: 

To scale up and grow teams with a new onboarding process in place, there is a requirement to add sales reps to the sales team for new business growth. 

Problem: Need for Rapid Onboarding 

As the growth increases, there is an increase in hiring for new onboarding in the team. Solution: Using Awarathon’s Solution The organization knew it required a regular coaching program. To quickly onboard a slew of new reps to hit its sales goals. With a remote workforce, it wanted a platform that would encourage interaction and collaboration among representatives without asking them to be in the exact location. Results: The organization saw controlled ramp times. As it melded geographically distributed reps into a cohesive team with a robust corporate culture. 

Preparing for the Future of Sales Readiness Approach: 

The future of sales readiness solutions is mobile. The on-demand experiences are exciting and compelling. To drive learning at Scale—no matter how distributed or organized your team may be. Follow these steps to empower your sellers. With the tools and support your sales business needs to succeed in any business climate. A robust sales readiness platform is required to execute your sales readiness strategy. Your entire operations depend on it. Right from sales process automation to achieving sales quotas. Explore more about how Awarathon can help the Sales team.