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Sales coaching at scale while approaching individual needs of sales reps


Sales coaching at scale while approaching individual needs of sales reps

The capability to adapt to things is what takes learning to the next level

Generally, all sales executives go through the same sales coaching/ sales training program regardless of their skills, knowledge, and working experience. The recent hires and senior team members are at various competency levels. But, yet they are trained identically in the same manner. The difficulty with a one-size-fits-all approach is that not all get what they require, and overall program effectiveness is limited. It might be better for some but not the entire sales team as everyone has a different background and experience. Moreover, training needs to be a lot more interactive and engaging with real-life case studies and objection-handling scenarios to add impact and all-round development. 

Some of the core aspects of a sales training program must include: 

  • Product Knowledge 
  • Market Understanding 
  • Buyer Behaviour 
  • Competitor offerings 
  • Challenges/problem-solving 
  • Skill + learning gap analysis 
  • Practical insights and demos 
  • Peer-peer interactive sessions 

In a way to ensure that your sales team is trained holistically. 

An example for reference: 

Either there is a new product launch or an extension to an older one. The sales team needs to understand the marketing communication, product messaging, buyer personas, product knowledge, competition understanding, market trends, industry growth, and several other parameters. 

Sales is just not just about selling. 

It is a process of building real relationships with your audience, through the right marketing channels and communication mediums to solve their business problems with your offerings (solutions). 

The method to approach | Sales Training Program: 

In a sales training program, the learning experience matters.

A fresher sales representative with 0-3 years of experience may require something else and an experienced sales manager with 6-8 years of experience will demand a different approach to learn. Their learning approach, grasping abilities, execution patterns, and strategizing things are different. 

Experienced sales reps can see the importance of preparation due to their experience. They may need it the most. New representatives tend to be fresh look at everything with optimism and value any available resources. They take the practice with more effort and are eager to apply it. Those more senior can struggle as they are set in their ways, almost pre wired to deliver a specific message. It’s essential to understand this difference and provide a learning experience that fits each person where they are & what they want to achieve. The objectives of a sales executive will not be the same as that of a senior sales manager. 

The working approach | Sales Training Program: 

A way that adapts an individual’s training experience based on skill level and execution is the answer. 

Each learner is directed to resources, and support based on their requirements and performance. The result? Adaptive Learning allows you to scale coaching across competency levels while discussing the needs of each individual. 

Hence, one-size-fits-all programs or coaching solutions are not the answer for an organization that wants to scale up its sales performance. It is because the sales reps working in your organization are of different levels. So, the challenges they face are not the same & understanding them and providing a unique set of solutions to each of them is the answer. 

Sales training program | Way forward: 

The next step could be to perform assessments in the form of a quiz, MCQ, for your sales team to identify knowledge gaps and know how well they perform objection handling, which is easily possible through a video roleplay platform. Therefore opting for a robust video roleplay platform to identify how well your sales reps can perform through the training and the coaching they did is essential. 

Why opt for a Video Roleplay Platform? 

Performance begins with practice and learning.

A video roleplay platform offers some of the essential features required for your organization. To scale up your sales process online and meet your sales quotas with ease. A sales readiness platform or a video roleplay platform in simple terms acts as a post-sales coaching tool. 

It covers all the various stages of the sales cycle before the sales reps interact with their respective buyers. Also, enabling sales managers and business owners to get a detailed performance overview report for their teams, forecast sales better, identify knowledge gaps, and improve learning curves. Therefore, a video roleplay platform has a lot more to offer for organizations looking to transform their sales abilities online and grow more with their sales teams. 


Even if you as an organization or a start-up have a sales training program. You need a post-sales training/ after-sales coaching platform where your sales reps/ executives can practice their learnings in a detailed and structured manner. 

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