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Sales Readiness Software, a new and critical part of a successful coaching.


Sales Readiness Software, a new and critical part of a successful coaching.

Part four of our five-part series is a hugely hot topic in sales enablement. Getting the most out of every coaching and training session is key to increasing sales velocity and conversion rate.

Sales readiness, in simple terms, is all about – “Preparing your sales team to face the buyer with proper industry knowledge, product insights & to solve a business problem.” The objective of every sales representative and team should revolve around these aspects.

Brevet says that only 13% of customers believe a salesperson understands their needs.

Reasons for this differ, but it’s often due to the salesperson not effectively communicating their comprehension of a prospect’s pain points and how their product or service can solve it.

Let’s take a deeper dive…!!!

Sales Training Approach

Every business wants to increase its sales, the key to growth.. A practical approach is to work on aspects like – rework on sales skills, redefine sales strategy, and execute robust ongoing sales training for your team.

Sales training is essential as it reminds us to be more consistent in our daily work process. Helps us avoid “pitch drift” and refreshes our previously learned skills while also introducing us to the new skills and ways to use new data and insights. This ensures a constantly refreshed perspective ensuring we make sound decisions to attain better sales results.

But is your organization achieving the expected outcome or ROI post their sales training? Is the sales training program able to bridge gaps to enhance your team’s performance? Are all the concerns and issues faced by your sales team resolved successfully? Is the training applicable to your business domain or real-life scenario? How are companies planning to benchmark & identify what has their sales teams learned, and how well are they implementing the same in achieving the sales quotas?

One key solution for this is sales readiness software.

Post Sales Training

In most cases, a sales training program or sales experts come with a one size fit program across industry domains. They tend to explain or elaborate on the generic pointers. It does not mean that you, as a sales rep, won’t implement what you have learned, or you do not learn new sales techniques. How well and how many times do you execute and benefit from it is the question.

For example – Post your sales training; you attended 50 client meeting calls. What is the success ratio, and in how many calls your sales learnings through the training were implementable? The bottom line to this question is how much sales revenue your company is generating post-sales coaching. Let’s find out as we move forward.

Some Quick Facts

A human brain cannot grasp or capture all that is taught or explained in any learning session or a webinar. Hence, it is humanly not possible to hold everything you have just learned. Also, every human has a different power to learn, understand and execute new things. Everyone has a different level to adopt and a different approach to seeing new things. Some are not immediately comfortable to change, willing to experiment with new learnings, and so on.

Even if we are introduced to a new learning program or learn the latest industry trends in sales. We may not directly use it or execute it at the earliest. Hence, practice is the key to master the new sales skills we learned and perform better. But, how shall one practice? The complete answer to this question is sales readiness software.

Let’s take an example.

After an experienced sales coach ran training on how to handle objections for his client. The close-ratio was about 10%. Initially, the sales team felt the reason for this was the product price. However, that was not the case.

They were losing deals because their team’s sales pitches to the prospects were not up to the mark. The industry concerns were not briefed well; the opportunities did not understand the product features, the follow-up process was not in place. Hence, the buyers lost interest and did not see any value in buying the product vs the competition, which was well trained, knew the product well, and offered better after-sales support with enhanced customer support.

During the sales training, the sales reps were advised to ask the relevant set of questions to better understand the prospects (their requirements and business objectives) and educate them about industry solutions before closing the deal. In addition, to even brief them on the ROI aspects and how other businesses positively impact product usage internationally.

The sales coach expert also illustrated things through a demo once and all mutually expected and agreed to execute them in real scenarios. But, sadly, nothing worked out well as per expectations. The sales team failed to practice, understand the product. Better know the buyer’s problem and go with their standard flow of approach pitching; they were under pressure, they failed to implement the new learnings. They were back to square one despite such a successful sales training program conducted in their organization.

So, what’s missing in there?

It is challenging to practice as each sales rep will learn, understand and master at his/her own pace. The behaviour change, the change in practice will take a reasonable amount of time, ranging from a few weeks to a month’s duration.

The sales teams require an environment to practice and try our learnings in a structured, guided manner. It will take a lot of coaching for the members of your sales team but is equally important. But, post that a sales readiness software is essential for organizations with sales teams to track, streamline and improve their effectiveness & help achieve the required outcomes.

Try Awarathon- But why? 

You, as a business head or sales manager, must be thinking. Why do I need another software or a platform? Now that I have already completed an expert sales coaching program with my sales team.

Several brands worldwide have practised their video-roleplay scenarios, sales pitch online, sales assessments in the form of quiz through our sales readiness platform.

Many organizations and sales coaches trust it. Is it a sales coaching assessment tool that lets your sales team practice, perform and execute the learnings learned in the sales coaching program enabling the sales managers to identify learning gaps, skill gaps and improve where required. Know more about our feature offering here – 

It creates a robust and detailed report for both – individual sales reps and the entire sales team. So, you, as a chief sales officer, can understand, implement and forecast the required sales strategy suitable for your sales department to achieve those sales figures. Awarathon is one of the best commercialtribe alternatives.

Working on the Results

Practice with feedback helps you improve results as a direction leads it. For instance, imagine you are planning to lose weight, so your diet and exercise well. But, you don’t have a weighing scale to track your weight. There is no measurement, no matrix for you to benchmark how much you have lost and remaining to lose. So, you follow a good path, but you don’t know the direction, which’s the problem.

Similarly, having your sales reps and teams practice & provide them with feedback is good with the sales readiness software. Contact awarathon now to start increasing your pitch power and business growth. This makes Awarathon one of the best commercialtribe alternatives.