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Emerging Sales Readiness Technology for the Next Big


Emerging Sales Readiness Technology for the Next Big

Are you ready for the next new normal? At many companies, the sales readiness technology has been either an ad-hoc, conservative scramble or an overly structured, formal coaching program where knowledge is assigned to sales reps in one go and quickly overlooked. Sales readiness has developed in all areas of your business for sales success. It makes your team ready to win by making them ready! Instead of old ways that treat sales as a siloed role, the next generation of sales readiness technology is robust to align and sync your marketing, operations, product, HR, and other teams to support sellers and drive productivity. 

It is mainly because your sales team must align with at least the marketing department to know brand updates, pricing strategy, new offerings, case studies, white papers, and so on. It will in return, assist the sales team to navigate quickly as they now have the required content to share with their respective buyers and can understand their business problems at ease. 

Drive success remotely in uncertain times – The current phase 

Working remotely has changed our daily work patterns. It has also revamped the way businesses now function. We are automating our work process online to the best of our ability. Managing our teams, meetings, and submission dates all remotely through emails and video conferencing calls via., zoom or Google Meet. 

It is a new way to approach sales-readiness. Continuous adoption is required for selling as the remote process is involved as the virtual buying process becomes more difficult. In this type, sales readiness is critical to driving sustainable sales success. Business and demands change fast with time frame. 

There are new players, advanced features, and customer needs that can disrupt the current plans. Some other difficulties could be: 

  • To reply on the legacy onboarding process 
  • The buying process is more difficult 
  • The change in messaging due to M&A & GTM Strategy 
  • The changing legal and trade norms in the domain sector 

Hence, following the old rule to play the new game won’t be impactful. Sales readiness, when done in a properly structured manner, delivers results. Hence, your organization requires a robust sales tool to empower your learnings acquired through sales coaching, team learning, and research done so far. 

Sales-Rep Centric Approach: 

Sales readiness can be your company’s best power, only if it is crafted keeping in mind the end-users, mainly for distributed teams. Make sellers the hero of your movie, strategize things around them, deliver and manage content required at that time, and be driven by in-field requirements, not top-down orders. 

Peer-to-peer learning should be encouraged, too, as sales reps like to learn from their teammates. Obtaining content generated by sales reps and sharing it with the team through sales readiness makes it easy. When you implement the best field practices, you can utilize them to replicate your “A” players. 

AI-driven Scaling Approach: 

Today, sales readiness technology is powered by AI. To scale work performance, work impact, work forecast, work reports, and many more. AI enables teams to generate accurate and robust reports, initiate unique training scenarios for different initiatives, and rate almost everything based on parameters that matter. Rather than following a one-size-fits-all work methodology. Offering new insights, personalized content, sales training recommendations, and enforcing skills. 

Virtual first approach: 

There has been a growing requirement for online selling for virtual first sales-readiness. These platforms power teams with the required content access, moment of required things, and collaborations needed. This technology connects virtual and local teams in new approaches through collaboration and accessibility. 

Win better with Sales readiness: 

Today’s sales companies must develop to meet these new requirements—or risk slipping behind opponents by utilizing sales to the possible levels improving their sales process and meeting sales quotas. Hence, companies must rethink how to onboard, coach, and enable new hires and veteran performers with the above points we discussed in the blog – Rep-centric, AI-scaled, and virtual-first sales-readiness. 

Wrapping it up…!!! 

There are a lot of wonderful features a sales readiness platform has to offer. You can learn about them – here. Any robust sales software will assist your business and sales team to learn through effective content management, practice through video roleplay functionality & test through online assessments and interactive gamification. It prepares you to face the client and handle any objections with ease.


Hence, more and more businesses with sales teams are opting for a robust sales readiness tool. Are you looking for more reasons to invest in a sales readiness platform