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Informal vs. Formal Learning: Things to Know


Informal vs. Formal Learning: Things to Know

For a business that often wonders, which is the proper technique to learn formal or informal learning? Let’s first understand the difference between both and how organizations or businesses can benefit from both of them. 

Formal vs. Informal Learning: Sales Learning Method 

Formal learning is structured in nature. Most trainers and coaches lead it in a structured way. On the other hand, informal learning has no traditional structure or curriculum, offers more flexibility for learners, and can often be accessed on the go via mobile devices. Thus, it is essential to know the different opinions between these two. At Awarathon, coaching experience can be opted for based on the company’s needs, objectives, and goals. 

An example in simple terms could be a bus and bike. There is a defined route, fixed stops, and consistent speed related to formal learning ways when you travel by bus. Whereas in the case of informal learning, it is like a person traveling on a bike. He can change the speed as per his time to reach the duration, decide on the breaks, etc. 

Formal vs. Informal Learning: How to Decide Which Sales Learning Method is Better? 

Every company’s difficulties are different, and hence their training programs should be too. It comes down to your company’s specific needs and how a formal and informal learning program can best help. For example: 

  • Audience: Is formal training too time-consuming? Is it having a better impact? Do learners follow up when they need info? 
  • Tracking & Reporting: What are you precisely tracking? How many people need to generate reports? 
  • Content Development: Is it complicated to create and deliver content? Are there any troubles generating messaging? 

By now, you must have known the difference between these two types of learning. So, it is time to initiate building a program for your company. While developing a training strategy for your company, keep in mind – figure out the objectives and goals first. 

Then approach the program selection to make better sense. Many times a blended learning method of informal and formal coaching is the proper approach to move. You can also learn about How Innovative learning methods to build great Work performance for Sales. 

How does Sales readiness software relate to this? 

When you opt for sales readiness software, both formal and informal learning methods are more inclined towards the informal approach. Sales readiness in simple terms – a post-sales training assessment aspect, figure out what have your sales reps learned in the sales coaching program. 

Its relevant features include peer-to-peer learning, content sharing, and assessments in various formats. Also, to practice sales pitches online, on-the-go connectivity makes it one of the most preferred choices amongst sales leaders and managers for their sales teams.

To brief you with an example, the sales coaching program can be considered as a formal learning approach, whereas sales readiness software could be an informal one. Hence, more and more organizations opt for a robust sales readiness solution to streamline and monitor their sales process, efforts, and targets online effectively. 

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