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Video Role-Play Plan to Boost Your Sales Onboarding


Video Role-Play Plan to Boost Your Sales Onboarding

Once the sales reps are done with their sales onboarding, they initiate the selling process. If video roleplay sales coaching is appropriately done. It is one of the best ways to train and improve skills during sales onboarding. Sales managers and enablement specialists get the opportunity to inspect new reps. Performing and offering insights into why a particular method or method might not work—and then shifting the representatives to a more reliable way.
Advanced sales training platform supercharges roleplays during onboarding. It is the practice of providing new hires’ ultimate sales managers with the opportunity. To join in roleplay remotely and observe live roleplay sessions from boot camp for later inspection. Also, sales reps get the actual audio-visual benchmarks of their skill level and their supervisor’s coaching and feedback. Over time, they can monitor how those skills grow.
Here are a few strategies to help you craft video roleplay sales coaching that builds skills through sales onboarding:

Skill Practice:
This particular practice takes a small part of the special skills you would like your sales reps to practice. For example, rather than having your sales reps practice an entire prospecting call, you might ask them to practice an individual parameter of that call, like making an acknowledgment or closing the following steps. This strategy is beneficial with new reps because it sets them up for little wins that build big courage. You can also go through our video onboarding best practices.

Scenario Roleplay:
In this particular scenario, of roleplay or objection handling the sales rep is exposed to multiple critical situations in the buying process. He/she, as a professional sales rep, must implement all the various learnings gained so far. So, once the sales rep properly knows this stage, handling clients will not be a challenging or an unknown act & will likely perform  better. This drill is essential as it is a mock for the sales reps. To know what to expect and understand the process well, improve on what’s missing, and give their best during the actual client meeting. Hence, this video roleplay sales coaching is an essential aspect. When it comes to training and mastering the required skills for your sales reps.

Process Simulations:
The drill spans a range of essential client interactions over time. Think of it as flight simulation practice. Your sales reps are prospecting to a particular organization where they face many roadblocks as they will in the real scenario: opponents, changes in the marketplace, client
objections, etc. Your sales team must build a plan and know which decision-makers to communicate with and how they’ll message them.

Regardless of the work approach, provide your sales reps with constructive feedback. It is vital to communicate the aspects of roleplay so that your sales reps can improve accordingly. Also, do not forget to praise their efforts and congratulate them on their more prominent
achievements to motivate them.

A good video roleplay sales coaching allows sales reps to practice, improve, and perform way before facing the buyer interaction so that the challenges are identified and improvement is made where required. The sales managers can get involved in early onboarding while coaching and enabling professionals to give feedback for moments.

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