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Top AI platforms similar to Second Nature


Top AI platforms similar to Second Nature

In the ever-evolving realm of AI-powered video roleplay platforms, Second Nature is a well-known player. While its features and capabilities are undoubtedly noteworthy, the rapidly advancing landscape of AI technology beckons us to explore alternatives that might just redefine the way we engage with virtual scenarios. This blog is not about criticizing Second Nature’s platform but discovering what else is out there to push the boundaries and elevate our experiences.

We will start with our AI-enabled video roleplay platform – Awarathon. 

1. Awarathon

Awarathon is a dynamic tool for video roleplay-led sales coaching. Its virtual training environment leverages AI to help sales teams make effective, winning pitches. Leveraging the power of AI, the platform has analyzed over 400,000 videos and has garnered a user base of over 50,000 individuals from trusted brands all across the world.

Awarathon works with some of the best world-renowned companies

  • Mankind
  • Novartis
  • Abbott
  • P&G
  • Dr Reddys
  • Sun Pharma
  • Zydus
  • Bajaj Finserv
  • ICIC Mutual Fund
  • HDFC Life

Awarathon’s virtual coach Trinity is a smart interactive AI persona that creates a digital environment replicating real-life sales pitches, it creates a risk-free one-on-one immersive training experience, that allows sales professionals to improve their pitching skills. In this innovative system, sales reps engage with Trinity, an AI persona, through a phone camera or web screen. Trinity seamlessly transforms into diverse roles, ranging from an irate customer to a delighted buyer or even a seasoned doctor with expertise spanning 2 to 25 years, tailored to the specific requirements of the company. The primary goal is to equip sales representatives with the skills to adeptly extract essential information from clients, enhancing their effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

This innovative approach includes Rapid-Fire Questions, Gamified Sales Training, Answer-Based Questions, and instant reports, ensuring high engagement levels.

Impact Created –

Through the utilization of Awarathon’s cutting-edge AI tools, clients have witnessed the following impactful outcomes:

  • 25 % Improved Customer Time
  • 25 % Increase In Brand Exposure
  • 50 % Improved Learner Engagement
  • 50 % Improved Skill Competency

2. Quantified

Quantified’s Sales Simulator is like a flight simulator for sellers. It feels as real as your last video call, and scales across teams. So, finally, you can know who’s ready to sell, and know what coaching you need to turn your B-players into A-players.

  • Capability Analytics
  • AI-powered Role play Simulations
  • AI Coaching
  • Certification & Reporting
  • Practice in a safe environment and gain confidence
  • Analyze behavior

3. Seismic

Seismic is a sales enablement platform built for sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Some of the products as a part of their platform can be

  • Sales content management
  • Buyer engagement
  • Enablement intelligence
  • AI-powered insights and recommendations
  • Learning and coaching
  • Role-based dashboards

4. Gong

The Revenue Intelligence Platform Gong uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to enable teams to capture, understand, and act on all customer interactions in a single, integrated platform. Thousands of companies around the world rely on Gong to support their go-to-market strategies and grow revenue efficiently.

  • Assessment Management.
  • Automatic Outbound Dialer.
  • Call Monitoring.
  • Call Recording.
  • Interactive Dashboards

5. Saleshood

SalesHood’s AI Coach uses generative AI technologies to efficiently keep teams in sync and aligned with the latest messaging.The platform hyper-personalizes the customer journey by guiding sellers on what to do, share, and say to improve productivity and predictability.
Its sales enablement platform includes-

  • AI Coach
  • Deliver real-time and personalized feedback to sales and customers
  • Sales Enablement Applications
  • Measure sales performance
  • Sales training content marketplace
  • Correlation Engine or Business Intelligence system

6. Solidroad

Solidroad is a conversational training platform for customer-facing teams. Our software allows you to practice conversations with an AI and get instant, personalized performance feedback.

  • AI Simulator
  • Custom role-play scenario with AI
  • Instant Performance Feedback
  • Practice sales and support conversations with our AI personas

The verdict

Awarathon stands out as the leading sales training platform, outperforming competitors such as Second Nature in terms of cost-effectiveness and impact. The cutting-edge AI system detects user intent during roleplays and provides individualized coaching for better training results. Awarathon improves consumer time and brand exposure optimizing user experiences and increasing brand visibility. Check out our client success stories on G2 to understand why we’re the best option for businesses.