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Harshal Shah’s insights on the future of sales simulation.


Harshal Shah’s insights on the future of sales simulation.

Awarathon has conjured one of the world’s first AI-enabled sales simulator with an AI persona with the perfect mix of data, AI, and business.At a fundamental level, there are two roads that lead to an increase in sales productivity. One is quantity and the other is quality. The first road encourages an organization to ensure pitches happen in a bulk figure, no matter the quality. On the latter (less traveled) road, the quality of a pitch is all that matters. Picture actor Sylvester Stallone focusing on the eye of the tiger in the movie Rocky. One solid punch is enough to seal the deal.

The realization that the latter road works more effectively has led to the birth of the term sales enablement. Thanks to the wave of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), what companies assumed would take around two decades is now possible in a matter of a few years.

Awarathon, since its inception, has focused on enabling the concept of sales enablement with an AI-enabled sales simulator. And, without sounding boastful, I am able to say we have made it. We have reliable, tangible data to prove it to our users. A geek’s promise. Our sales simulator is a first-of-its-kind in the world with the presence of an AI persona that plays the digital avatar of a client for a participant to practice his sales pitch. All this takes place in a digital multiverse, with customizable facets (I’ll leave them to discuss for another day). The newsletter word count is limited, my team tells me.

In a nutshell, this way, one no longer requires a trainer to sit and role play with a team member. Trinity will do it for you. It will play the role of a client, and even give you insights and responses based on how you have spoken. This is really the redefinition of sales enablement.

What excited me about Trinity?

Before I tell you why you should be excited by this news, let me share what excited me two weeks ago. Earlier this month, I was privy to the final demo after my team and I had spent months on the Pilot. Trinity, I realized, had started asking questions and giving answers better than an actual sales rep.

Training is a never-ending process for an organization. For example, why should training stop for a new joinee once his induction is over? Training should continue even after that weeklong training period when a new joinee comes aboard. After this, he is pretty much on his own as he figures his way payout. During this time, training, upskilling, and reskilling can take place. The best form of coaching, we concluded, is experience-based. The way our sales simulation is designed, the generative AI technology can create real-time simulations that place the player in the exact environment he will face in the real world. He can falter, stammer, stumble all he wants here. In front of the client, he will have overcome his weaknesses and be ready to make the best pitch ever.

The future of sales enablement is already here. Generative AI Revolution can help us bridge this gap. Without making it sound like a pitch, let me leave you with an invitation to take our demo.