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Rahul Ghatalia’s insights on Trinity, Awarathon’s latest AI persona


Rahul Ghatalia’s insights on Trinity, Awarathon’s latest AI persona

As a Chief Technology Officer of a SAAS company, my life revolves around product development. It is my profession as well as my passion. On a lighter note, I am also obsessed about ensuring we have a double backup of our data! My core team often laughs at me because, at the end of every update and upgrade of our products, my first question to them is: I hope we have a double backup! 

I’d like to draw your attention to our latest version of Awarathon, one we are most proud of. Its beauty lies in Trinity, the trained AI persona that can shapeshift itself into a specific client profile. It is meant to give a sales rep the upper hand when he actually goes into the market with a sales pitch. Awarathon’s virtual training ground is ideal for a sales enablement force to 

practice before match day. Again and again, until they get it right. 

With Trinity, we’ve nurtured a perfect product by exploring the power of generative AI. During every stage of our product development, we were amazed at how the AI persona met our targets beyond expectations. Generative AI is for everyone who will give it the reins to show its possibilities. 

Trinity has the qualities to change the face of sales training because it focuses on gathering and analyzing basic data – is the sales rep speaking well? What is his general knowledge of his company’s products? Is he able to impart solid data to the client that will help him form an informed decision? Before a movie begins, you often read this disclaimer line: This movie is based on true incidents. Awarathon with its AI persona Trinity is exactly that: A virtual pitch scenario inspired by a real sales environment. 

Our concise demo gives a glimpse of this entire journey: What training your sales rep will undergo and how his/her performance turn into data for an organization to study its impact. 

See you at the demo. 


Rahul Ghatalia 

Co-Founder and CTO Awarathon