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Top Best 5 Sales Readiness Platform for 2022


Top Best 5 Sales Readiness Platform for 2022

Sales readiness, in simple terms, is providing your sales teams with the required material to enhance their work productivity and process. It includes various relevant and essential sets of offerings to improve your team’s performance and assist your managers in getting a better understanding to forecast sales with the help of robust and detailed reports.

Hence, the primary objective of sales readiness is to assist sales teams. It also positively impacts various other teams. For instance, the talent team can optimize sales readiness for new onboarding, conducting practice sessions for the current workforce. The technology team can utilize sales readiness for checking their product knowledge and new learnings by performing quizzes. 

In our today’s blog, we will be discussing the best 5 sales readiness platform for 2022. Let’s begin..!!! 

Top Best 5 Sales Readiness Platform for 2022 

  1. Level Jump 
  2. Commercial Tribe 
  3. Second Nature AI 
  4. Ambition 
  5. Awarathon 


LevelJump is the sales enablement & readiness solution that reduces the ramp time of new sales hires & proves its impact on revenue by attributing sales enablement programs, training & coaching to metrics in Salesforce. LevelJump’s Outcome-Based Enablement helps you make an impact on the bottom line, tie programs to revenue, and prove the ROI of your enablement function. 

Commercial Tribe: 

Commercial Tribe (CT) is a highly effective sales manager with software to guide where they spend their time, with which sellers, and most importantly, how. As a result, more sellers to goal. With CT Connect, managers build a coaching plan to focus on reps who are most likely to benefit from coaching, can see how to direct coaching to earlier-stage opportunities to improve win rates and use a consistent assessment framework to provide structured feedback on the behaviours that advance commercial outcomes. 

Second Nature: 

The SaaS solution provides a “virtual pitch partner” that uses conversational AI to have actual discussions with sales reps, score them, and help them improve on their own so that they can ace every sales call. It’s time to get systematic about sales coaching, and now you can. Second, Nature’s AI-driven sales coaching software reminds reps about points they didn’t cover, challenges them with hardball questions, and gives them feedback in real-time so that they can improve on their own. The managers get real-time visibility into each team member’s performance without reviewing hours of pre-recorded sales conversations. As a result, managers can tailor subsequent coaching programs to the reps’ strengths and weaknesses. 


Ambition is industry-leading coaching and gamification software for the world’s most innovative sales teams. Whether you’re sitting across the sales floor or the globe, we give sales leaders the tools they need to coach their teams, motivate performance, and hold their reps accountable to goals — all in real-time. Ambition integrates with our customers’ CRMs and sales stacks, quickly turning their overwhelming data into easy-to-see, actionable insights — no math or spreadsheets required. That means better visibility on your sales floor, more motivation and accountability for your reps, and more brilliant sales coaching…so your team can close more deals. 


Awarathon is a first-of-its-kind AI-enabled video roleplay platform that ensures your sales teams make the perfect pitch. Consistently. It is a dynamic tool for video-roleplay-led sales coaching. Its feature-rich platform goes beyond basic video-roleplay functionality to comprehensively address the needs of a fast-growing sales team. 

So, when it comes to solving business problems.

We assist companies in improving their sales process online, streamlining their sales operations, providing robust reports at various levels, managing their content repository properly, tracking sales quotas, and enhancing your sales team’s knowledge and practice through assessments. In return, all these will help your organization scale its sales efforts, forecast sales for the next quarter, improve the team’s performance, and close deals more effectively than ever before. 

So, these were the best 5 sales readiness platforms. 

Let’s look at the feature comparison table below to understand better the features offered by all the respective sales readiness platforms in detail if you get confused or have any doubts regarding the same. Don’t worry; you can email your doubts to us at [email protected]

Concluding lines: 

Awarathon is undoubtedly one of the best sales readiness and video roleplay platforms to consider. For the relevant and effective feature offerings vs the cost at it comes. It is truly a power-packed tool as compared to the rest of the platforms. 

Our proprietary AI trainer breaks down each element of the perfect sales pitch. To provide actionable feedback to reps so that your company’s message is communicated consistently. The software maps every essential knowledge and skill parameter from body language to gestures to contextual speech intent. Robust, customizable reports help you identify critical gaps and improvement areas. At a team and rep level, detailed insights help you address learning needs in a targeted manner. 

It stands out when it comes to video roleplay functionalities and AI capabilities. Moreover, we at Awarathon take customer feedback very seriously and study the market trends and upcoming sales challenges to deliver the best-in-class product to drive better results for your organization’s sales growth.