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The impact of Artificial Intelligence in driving Sales


The impact of Artificial Intelligence in driving Sales

Role of AI in Sales : 

Nowadays, meeting client requirements and handling objections is not that easy because of the availability of information at your fingertips. To determine what suits the client’s needs and which solutions they require to resolve their business concerns, there is a need to understand your saas product offerings and your buyer persona in detail. Besides sound research, competitor analysis, product offerings, and knowing customer behaviour, there is also a need for the sales teams to polish their soft skills to master the art of virtual selling and that is possible through practice. It is where we assist businesses with sales teams with a “Pitch Perfect. Always.” working approach. Our AI-enabled, video roleplay platform ensures your sales teams hit the right notes. Consistently. 

Large corporations and multinational companies have huge sales teams. Therefore, making it tedious for sales heads and supervisors to track performance and monitor achieved quotas. As it involves a lot of manual work, increased effort, and consumes a lot of time which can be utilized in other core work aspects like strategy planning or new development plans. In our today’s blog article we will be exploring how artificial intelligence will help sales teams level up their game. Therefore, it is essential to understand the role of AI in sales. 

Artificial intelligence: 

Artificial intelligence enables computers to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. With the help of AI, computers can store and process huge amounts of data, and based on this data computers can generate valuable insights. Hence an AI-backed sales coaching platform is perhaps just what managers need to make their task easy. 

Let’s have a look at leveraging AI to improve sales coaching.

Improved Flexibility 

AI-based training platforms can be access from anywhere at any time. All it needs is an internet connection. Whenever sales representatives get free time they can open the platform and start training. They don’t have to invest their selling hours into training so it becomes very convenient for them. Also, this is beneficial for the organization, as their sales representatives will be putting more time into actually selling the product/service. 

Voice Analysis 

AI has a digital converter that converts sound waves into digital data that computers can understand. AI can also identify differences in the pitches and the speed of speaking. Through this AI-based-training platform can record and analyze the conversation and can give feedback on the same. 

Body language

With the use of cognitive analysis, AI can process human actions and expressions from the recorded video just like a human brain. AI can analyze the body language and facial expressions of a sales representative and give scores accordingly. 

Unbiased Feedback 

With the help of AI, training platforms analyze the performance of different sales representatives and compare it to the standard answer to give scores. The scoring is completely data-driven and unbiased. A human manager may be prone to different kinds of biases while scoring the employees. Because of AI giving pure unbiased feedback has become possible. 

Enhanced Tracking 

All the data related to the performance of a particular sales representative or a cluster of sales representatives is shown on a single dashboard. This helps managers to track the progress of sales representatives and check who is performing well and who is underperforming to re-strategize or rework efforts on the team accordingly. 

How Awarathon’s AI helps your sales team to make effective winning pitches. 

Awarathon is a dynamic video-roleplay-led sales coaching platform. We create a virtual training environment leveraging AI to help sales representatives in improving their skills and performance. 

Following are some distinctive features of Awarathon – 

Frame different types of questions 

Sales managers while creating assessments can frame questions like situation-based and objection handling which help in assessing the performance from different aspects for the team. This makes the assessment process much more effective and relevant. Once the sales reps face the assessments their records are captured and feedback is provided enabling them to know where they lack and what went right during the video role play assessment. 

Customizable parameters 

Performance can be access based on different parameters which can be customized as per companies’ requirements. For example, If a company wants to check the knowledge about a particular product then a parameter for product knowledge can be made. 

Effective Analysis based on multiple parameters 

Our intelligent AI video analysis system can identify (verbal and non-verbal aspects) facial expressions, hand gestures, differences in a person’s pitch, and pace of speech. And it compares the performance to the ideal answers which were provided by the managers. After analyzing the performance it gives marks and feedback on different parameters such as pitch, voice modulations, body language, tone, product knowledge, and objection handling. 

Effortless Supervision 

All the data about the performance of the sales representatives are provided on a single dashboard. The supervisor can check accuracy rate and failure rate, also how many trainees performed the assessment and how many missed it. Individual trainee-wise performance, region-wise performance, parameter, and assessment-wise analysis can be generate for supervisors. They can review videos of sales reps and can give personal feedback. 

Robust Reports 

Real-time sales-readiness reports are provided to the trainer. These reports provide a detailed performance analysis of individual sales representatives. The scores of individual questions and parameters are given. Also, the performance of one sales rep gets compare with the best performance this helps to identify competency gaps and makes analysis more effective. 

So, these are the 5 essential factors where the role of AI in sales readiness for Awarathon fits. For more information check our offering over here- Why choose Awarathon

To sum it up. 

AI-enabled sales coaching platforms like Awarathon are efficient, easy to use, and time-saving. These platforms have overcome the time and place limitations. An assessment can be performed at any time anywhere. With the help of AI, the analysis of performance is with automation, and all the details required for supervision are available on a single dashboard. Hence AI has reduced the burden of the cumbersome sales coaching process for sales managers by making it hassle-free and smooth. To learn more about us in detail fix up a call with our sales team to know more –