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How to incorporate sales video to engage prospects better?


How to incorporate sales video to engage prospects  better?


Incorporating sales videos can be a powerful tool in driving sales. Leveraging videos on product pages, demos, and brand videos can give prospects a deeper insight into your product offerings. Since people are more likely to retain information shared in a video format vs. other formats, it makes it easier for sales reps to deliver the message to their prospects. Now that you know the significance of videos in sales, let’s see what we mean by ‘sales videos.’ 

What are sales videos? 

Sales videos are commercial videos that are intended to drive the sales process. They are tools that exhibit the usefulness of your product and convince the prospects that it meets their needs. Sales reps use these videos to deliver the brand message, build a connection with potential clients, and stand out from competitors. Sales videos are different from other promotional videos. They are simple and well-designed with a good call-to-action that can convert viewers into customers. 

Ways to incorporate sales videos 

Sales videos can be easily integrated into your existing sales process. Creating a quick attention-keeping video might save you time by turning what could be writing a lengthy email. 

Here are five ways to use sales videos in your existing process: 

  • Prospect emails – Emails are more likely to get results if you integrate a sales video. In these videos, sales reps can demonstrate how your product solves your prospects’ pain points. 
  • Product demonstrations – sales videos can be highly effective in creating compelling demos as they help prospects see the products in action. 
  • Call follow-up – Sales reps can create highly personalized sales videos to re-engage with their prospects. By integrating videos in their follow-ups, they come off as a trusted partner rather than someone pushing for a sale. 
  • Building relationship – Sales videos can be used as a way to build a connection and rapport with your potential clients. Videos are easily customizable to each prospect and funnel stage and, therefore, more likely to receive positive responses. 
  • Explaining complex information: Video permits salespeople to communicate more effectively in a clear, precise way. This helps sales reps convey complex product information to their prospects. 


Incorporating sales videos in your sales strategy is more compelling than any other sales material. Videos give salespeople a medium to build trust and nurture their leads. Also, people are more likely to be engaged and retain information through sales videos than through other formats. If you don’t use sales videos in your sales process, it is never too late to start. Awarathon can help you direct your sales resources in optimizing your sales process toward sales-readiness. Book a demo and try it out yourself.