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Prachi Mishra’s 5 tips to build high-performing sales teams


Prachi Mishra’s 5 tips to build high-performing sales teams

The success of a sales organization greatly depends on having a successful sales team. However, building a successful sales team can be challenging. High-performing sales teams have characteristics that stand out beyond their performance. To understand why some sales teams underperform, we teamed up with Prachi Mishra, a dedicated leader across learning & development, executive coaching, and organizational development, and the regional Head of Learning- APAC Global Learning & Leadership at Vanderlande. 

“One of the things that stands out most for high-performing sales teams is a culture of engagement,” she says. “So look around, and you will see teams that are performing at their best, they have employees who are highly motivated and engaged”

Recently, Prachi Mishra was featured in our podcast series – #Pitch Perfect and shared her tips on building high-performing sales teams. 

  1. Listen with Empathy 

The first thing that organizations must do to build high-performing sales teams is to listen to every individual in their sales teams with empathy and make sure their voices are heard. Moreover, you have to listen with a mindset of curiosity and understanding, not provide solutions. 

  1. Create Diversity 

Most high-performing sales teams are usually diverse and unique. This means every sales rep is different from another. They are complementary to each other in terms of talent, skills, experiences, and expertise. Therefore, sales leaders must ensure that they bring in enough diversity within their teams. 

  1. Build a culture of engagement 

One of the hallmarks of a high-performing sales team is a culture of engagement. Sales leaders today have to make sure that their teams engage, maximize each team member’s performance, and motivate them every day. 

  1. Clarity of goals 

When it comes to high-performing sales teams, each member is absolutely clear in terms of what their goal is, what the team’s goal is, and what their individual goal over the individual contribution is to the team so that they can collectively achieve their goals. 

  1. Foster Leadership 

In high-performing sales teams, managers are leaders who are not just bothered by KPIs but go beyond the call of duty. These are managers or leaders who become coaches. So when it comes to sales, they know what they’re selling, how they are selling, and they’re very proficient in the business of selling, but they are equally proficient in the space of coaching. Moreover, they can assess skill gaps in their team members, develop a coaching plan, provide timely feedback, mentor their team members, give the right support, empower their teams, and they do all of this in a very structured approach. They continuously make sure that the big picture is known to their team members, and they make sure that they create a space where team members can flourish. 

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