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5 tips to keep your sales reps engaged


5 tips to keep your sales reps engaged


Sales is a high-pressure role and can be quite taxing with a great deal of work. Once the sales training and the initial excitement of being at work fade away, it is the job of sales leaders to keep the sales reps engaged and ensure that their work is valued. It is estimated that only 13% of sales reps are actively engaged in an organization. And, this disengagement can cause companies a fortune. 

Follow these five tips to make sure that your sales teams are motivated and don’t burn out.

  1. Genuine Feedback 

To ensure that sales reps are reaching their targets, organizations need to keep their sales reps engaged and motivated. One of the ways is to provide genuine quality feedback consistently. The sales leaders need to know each of their employee’s strengths and weaknesses.  Constructive feedback helps sales reps stay assured and motivated. 

  1. Upskilling 

Sales training is not a one-off event. Continuously upskilling your sales team is crucial to succeeding in this dynamic landscape. Upskilling also helps in reducing employee turnover and helping sales reps meet their targets.  With the changing consumer behavior, complex sales funnel, and varying competencies of sales reps, it becomes crucial to upskill your sales team. 

  1. Keep them motivated 

It is paramount to keep systems in place to motivate and hype sales reps daily. The reason is that sales is a high-pressure job and sales reps are constantly flooded with critical situations. Motivating and keeping the sales reps engaged drives growth in the team. 

Sales leaders can motivate sales reps through attractive incentives and prizes, setting clear goals, instilling a sense of purpose in the company’s mission, and enabling them to be creative. 

  1. Build strong bonds 

Developing strong bonds between sales reps and managers helps reduce the sales rep churn rate. Regular one-on-one meetings with sales managers where sales reps’ can talk about their personal needs and issues deterring them at work improve sales employee experience and retention. A career like sales is usually treated as an all-by-oneself profession. However, strong teamwork and peer-to-peer learning improve sales employee engagement. 

  1. Focus on small wins

Celebrate your reps’ small wins keep reminding them of the great work they have done and make them feel heard. This motivates employees to live up to their potential. 


In a high-pressure field like sales, it is important to encourage your sales team. Keep your sales reps engaged and decrease your employee turnover by adding the above five tips to your sales management strategy.