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Better Ways to Customize Training for the Individual Sales Reps


Better Ways to Customize Training for the Individual Sales Reps

Opportunely, sales enablement platforms allow companies to cater to a potent mix of informal and formal learning to assist all their sales reps in preparing for buyer interactions. Today, let’s look at how you can change your coaching strategy to engage your sales reps using sales coaching technology. Let’s begin. 

Coaching across Channels 

Sales reps are comfortable engaging with things like video and mobile technology as they prefer it. Sales readiness platforms for these sales professionals make content available as they require it in their respective sales and buyer journeys. 

We agree that the basics of training haven’t changed. What has changed is the way we can deliver it effectively. Ensuring your sales coaching technology can be utilized from wherever your reps require it maximizes engagement. 

Video Coaching Technology 

Sales reps need to feel motivated and confident based on their sales coaching from their leaders/ managers and coaches. In addition, the sales manager needs to verify their learnings – strategies, work approach, sales pitch, objection handling, etc. 

The video roleplay platform assists sales managers to understand how much their team has understood and provides the sales reps to practice and explore their learnings. 

A robust sales video roleplay platform enables the sales team to learn, practice, test, improve, and perform well while facing the actual buyer interaction and engaging well. In addition, it helps in providing constructive feedback and quickly identifies where improvement is required. It, in return, saves a lot of time and effort due to the automation. 

Peer-to-Peer Learning 

Peer-to-peer learning is a great way to capture experiences and share so that the entire team learns and improves. The knowledge can be passed from experienced reps to new hires so that the whole team understands effectively and brings in positive outcomes. Peer-to-peer learning should be practiced every month to brainstorm, explore, and identify knowledge gaps between peers. Informative learning approaches are also another great form of learning. 

JIT Learning Approach 

JIT stands for just in time. It enables a field coaching approach for sales reps to work on their skills, allowing better development opportunities. This type of learning is also called “in-the-moment” coaching. And should happen regularly – at least once per week. 

Mastery types: 

Organizational mastery consists of the core competencies that the whole sales force must master. For this type of training, measures of achieving should be defined clearly. In addition, the rep must be fully aware of the standards to use to assess them. Examples requiring organizational skills include new hire onboarding, new product launches, new sales methodology. 

Individual mastery involves constant coaching and an assessment-focused approach to develop individual reps. These tasks could consist of leadership improvement or even onboarding if a representative joined the business after group onboarding already happened. 

Summing it up! 

Every individual has their way of looking at things and learning them. Everyone has a different grasping ability and so on. The solution is to cater to various options using tech-based programs to know best what suits. We provide features such as video-based training and automated tech tools to assist in executing the best coaching sales strategy. There are many sales enablement platforms that you can explore by taking a demo to know more