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Priorities of Sales Enablement Platform – Evolved


Priorities of Sales Enablement Platform – Evolved

Just a quick brief about Awarathon before we begin the blog. The features provided by Awarathon make it one of the best leveljump competitors. Right from video roleplay practice to assessments to interactive gamification to scoreboards to generating detailed reports. It provides all. 

The phase of rep-focused sales enablement has come. With the uncertainty in the economy and the changing situations, the rise in virtual working and streamlining business operations online has increased like never before. In today’s article, we will be emphasizing the essential aspects of the sales enablement platform. 

The question is, is your company prepared to evolve through the sales enablement strategy? It’s time to ask your team some questions to ensure things are on the right track. 

  • Are you meeting all of your sales objectives? 
  • Is your sales team confident and prepared? 
  • What about your sales and marketing team alignment? 
  • Do you ensure your sales reps are using sales content properly? 

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, it’s time to take a second look at your sales enablement. Awarathon’s robust platform and detailed feature offering make it a leveljump competitor. 

Priorities of Sales Enablement Evolved 

Nowadays, sales enablement requires an overall robust strategy to speed up the sales process – sales cycle, profits, closures, and pitches. The functions that are siloed are merged with content generation and management. 

Now that most B2B sales are virtual, a unified approach to sales enablement is more critical than ever for keeping teams on track. An evolved approach includes these six essential sales enablement capabilities. 

  1. Onboarding: 

Sales coaching involves onboarding new hires and providing them will long-term strategic learning by reinforcing the various aspects to add value to the virtual sales process. Effective learning plans use instructor and self-learning ways to drive formal and informal ways of learning. To align with the company culture providing best practices in the virtual environments. 

  1. Content: 

Content is the backbone for sales enablement as well, just like any other domain sector. Hence, it forms one of the most basic roots of your sales enablement strategy. Sales reps should learn and utilize content at their various stages of sales effectively. It means backing up content with best practices, win tales, and SME information that sellers need to manage objections, nurture possibilities, and close deals.

  1. Communication: 

Another feature of a sales enablement platform is to enable communication across teams and functions to foster collab between reps, takeaways from sales calls, ideas, pain points, etc. Peer-to-peer learning sessions should be encouraging for better practical experience and improved outcomes. Sales reps must also learn to work closely with the marketing team to know the latest happenings with content, campaigns, and news updates. Technology that serves your team enables sales reps with knowledge from all departments is crucial. 

  1. Coaching: 

The sales enablement working approach is just not limited to the sales reps at an executive level and mid- and senior-level managers. Enabling front-line managers with all the required assistance to improve the sales process better and help achieve expected outcomes. Therefore, a tech-driven solution is required to support the holistic process and prepare your sales team in every situation and various aspects. 

  1. Methodology 

Sales enablements should be in sync with sales leadership to execute sales strategy. If there is no agreement for the same, there is no work done correctly and aligning with the goals. Hence, sales methodology, approach, and the should be inline manner. 

  1. Measure 

Use analytics to measure sales metrics – how your sales enablement is performing. It is the final and the essential component which requires attention. The business impact should be calculated at the micro and macro levels to justify the enablement involved. Meaningful metrics and parameters should be worked on. 

Awarathon is one of the best leveljump competitors. It uses all the relevant and essential features required for your sales team to learn, practice, implement, and track effectively.