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Overcome Challenges for a Sales Content Strategy


Overcome Challenges for a Sales Content Strategy

Building a robust sales content strategy comes with a set of challenges. So, as a sales manager or business owner, you must identify and resolve them to ensure smooth functioning. In our today’s blog article, we have listed the four challenges for a sales content strategy. So, let’s begin. 

  1. Sync Sales & Marketing Teams. 
  2. Creating Impactful Content. 
  3. Using the Right Content. 
  4. Content Effectiveness to Insight Planning. 

Sync Sales & Marketing Teams 

Research tells us that 1/3rd of sales and marketing teams do not work regularly. As a result, a lack of communication leads to a disconnect in creating sales content. The sales team considers their work role in generating leads, attend new clients, and servicing existing clients. The same goes for marketing which makes communication barriers and misunderstandings while understanding the work approach. 

Creating Impactful Content 

According to Sirius Decisions, only 30% of the content gets utilized by the sales reps, whereas the other goes unused. Therefore, the sales material for referring is neither relevant nor actionable, not worth implementing, very basic, or inappropriate for execution. It does not mean you require more content or oversized documents, or research papers to excel, but acceptable and well-structured content aligned strategically is all that your sales team needs. Hence, collaborating in departments to understand, perform, and deliver what is required is vital. So, that resource optimization is performing better. 

Using the Awarathon’s dashboard, marketing can get feedback from sales reps from anywhere within a time frame. Marketing thus delivers valuable insight into the content, making it more relevant and actionable. 

Are your sales reps using the right content? 

Most of the time, sales reps are reluctant while exploring content for their use. They like to depend on old ways or practices that might not be healthy to achieve the desired results. Hence, it becomes the sales manager’s responsibility to effectively ensure the relevant content is consumed by their teams. When it comes to Awarathon, it is one source for aligning all your content well so your team knows when to access what & can also add, and remove content with ease. 

We have content buckets to cater to each content style and learning pattern. So, you learn to practice and perform no matter the scenario or how difficult the objection handling is. This work approach makes us one of the best video roleplay and sales readiness platforms compared to the rest. 

Content Effectiveness to Insight Mapping

There is no challenge for content generation in big-sized organizations, but it is essential to identify which one makes your sales efforts successful. Unfortunately, organizations happen to rely on the wrong metrics and benchmark what is not required. Mapping content effectiveness involves a combination of quantitative, numbers-based analytics along with qualitative observations. Tracking the popularity of content is another aspect that tells you the maximum number of downloads or link clicks, etc., that is not a measure to count on content effectiveness. Therefore, knowing the correct factor to monitor and note which parameter worked well is crucial. 

Nowadays, virtual selling enables a better path to track content effectiveness when sales reps record interactions and pitches. A video roleplay platform like Awarathon can record and generate reports to know where improvements can be made accordingly. Hence, these were the challenges that one could face in sales content strategy. 

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