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Ways to enhance your Sales performance in Q1


Ways to enhance your Sales performance in Q1

Improve sales performance online. In our today’s blog article, we have listed down a few points to help you improve your sales performance in Q1. It requires two core things: improving your sales process online and the second by using a robust sales readiness platform. 

Why improve sales performance online? 

It becomes essential to improve sales performance online. As we all know, how difficult 2020 was for every business. Mostly when it comes to acquiring new business, your sales team must be trying their best to meet those quotas. The process is not easy – follow-ups, new pitches, creating a sales pipeline, and not adding to the list. 

Your sales reps might not necessarily close the deal. But yes, they play a vital role in bringing the buyer to the closure stage, and it is not an easy job. Especially when generating a new sale is not so easy due to the pandemic. 

Therefore, improving sales performance online is the way forward. Just imagine the value it brings to the table. Right from saving time to cost to improve the process, a lot adds to the list. Every method comes with its own merits and demerits, be it an online or traditional sales process. 

But today we are talking about improving the sales process online is because it is the need of the hour and hence its importance should not be ignored.

In our today’s article, we will discuss the various sales tips that your reps can implement to boost Q1 & achieve their quotas with ease. So, that they can improve sales performance online.

Assist your team focus on their sales pipeline: 

When time is limited, it is important to make the most of it. It can be done by focusing on things that matter to bring your customers close to you. 

As a sales manager, you must encourage your team to focus on buyers as per priority—Follow up where it is required the most. Always emphasize building their pipeline (the funnel) so that your sales reps don’t run out of prospects to pitch. 

Remind them that not all buyers bring in the same revenue; hence priority matters (quality vs. quantity). Identify your buyers from their requirements, speech, queries so that you know which buyer will yield more revenue and who will waste your time. 

If your sales team is big enough, you can opt for one of the best video-based roleplay platforms. We are the best alternatives and competitors to Allego and Rehearsal VRP. 

Generating the right content: 

Deal desks are created to provide your sales reps with the resources they require with proper labelling or notations not to need to run around when on a call with the buyer. As the content helps the sales reps to accelerate their sales process, gain better knowledge, answer the buyer effectively, and close deals with ease. 

It also suits best for cross-functional roles, long and complex sales cycles, slow internal sales processes, etc. Therefore, the role of the best video-based roleplay platform is a must in such situations. We are one of the best alternatives and competitors to Mindtickle or Brainshark. 

To strategically approach Sales coaching: 

The value of sales training and coaching cannot be ignored. It is still a good practice, and most organizations, no matter the size, implement it. As a sales manager, you should also focus on making sure that your sales teams emphasize activities/ tasks that matter in generating new business. It is because now, in this quarter of Q1, they will have to perform better than Q4. 

You can also consider the informal ways of coaching activities to help identify quick problems and address skill gaps, knowledge gaps, and other vital areas where your reps lack. Informal coaching really comes in handy, allowing us to access problems effectively. 

For instance, solve a business problem or a live case study to find what solution your team comes up with, perform q & a session to make sure all are on the same page, take surprise assessments on product knowledge, etc. It is also one of the core factors when it comes to improving your sales process online. 

Use Marketing for Support: 

Content is the key. Content is widely used in every business aspect as it is an important ingredient for communication. But, for your sales reps, what’s more, essential is that they are accessed to the right content at the right time. Your sales and marketing departments must be on the same page to refrain content gaps, perform internal coordination and meet internal business objectives well. Teamwork is a must, and this is an ideal case of it being used. The content should be engaging enough to meet the buyer’s perspective and address the pain points. 

Another solution to this is also to go for the best video roleplay platform which manages, automates, and helps you execute sales tasks with ease. You can know more about what features make a sales readiness platform offer – here.

Technology matters: 

There are a million things every sales rep has to perform and undergo. Right from executing tasks to manage them to generate reports. Their plates are always full of work. But the fun part is if you are using a robust sales readiness platform or the best alternative to mind tickle or Brainshark, then your half job is done. It includes creating, organizing, delivering content to your respective sales force. But, is content enough? Will content alone surpass? The answer is simply no. This is where sales coaching and assistance from the marketing team is involved. 

For example, sales enablement leaders can create unformal learning stuff on topics that matter, learnings from Q4 should not be ignored, and personal experiences from reps must be shared. The sales reps using the best alternative to mind tickle or Brainshark can access on demand training on the go with ease. 

Access things that matter to them the most seamlessly without asking or coordinating with the team members. Hence, enabling them (sales reps) to have key information when needed, sellers can display meeting equipment & knowledge. 

Why choose Awarathon’s Sales Readiness Platform? 

Awarathon is a first-of-its-kind AI-enabled video roleplay platform that ensures your sales teams make the perfect pitch. Consistently. It is a dynamic tool for video-roleplay-led sales coaching. Its feature-rich platform goes beyond basic video-roleplay functionality to comprehensively address the needs of a fast-growing sales team. 

Our proprietary AI trainer breaks down each element of the perfect sales pitch to provide actionable feedback to reps so that your company’s message is communicated consistently. From body language to gestures to contextual speech intent, the software maps every key knowledge and skill parameter. Robust, customizable reports help you identify critical gaps and improvement areas. Detailed insights help you address learning needs at a team and rep level in a clearly targeted manner. 

This makes Awarathon one of the best alternatives and competitors to Allego and Rehearsal VRP.