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List of top Sales Readiness Platforms


List of top Sales Readiness Platforms
  • Are you looking to improve your team’s sales performance online with the help of a Sales readiness platform? 
  • Do you want to streamline your sales process online with ease? 
  • Are you finding it difficult to perform assessments for your sales team? 
  • Is your sales team investing a lot of time in content collation and learning? 
  • How will you ensure that your sales training program works for your team? 

If you as a sales-driven organization are looking forward to all these solutions. Then it is the right time for your organization to opt for a robust Sales readiness platform. Sales readiness is a modern-day, smart sales tool used by teams with sales teams who wish to scale their sales operations, streamline processes, and improve work performance and sales quotas. It is used across B2B and B2C work domains and industries with a sales force to grow better. It offers a wide range of rich features that are relevant and essential for the growth of your sales team. Right from practice to prepare and perform well. 

Best Sales Readiness & Video Roleplay Platform Regarding 

Awarathon, Awarathon is a robust sales readiness and video roleplay platform. It is powered by advanced AI offerings to assist your sales teams in delivering the right set of features to ensure they practice well. The three Ps of brand Awarathon include: Prepare >> Practice >> Perform. The features are designed in such a way that goes beyond basic video roleplay functionality to comprehensively address the needs of a fast-growing sales team. Some of the outcomes after using Awarathon include onboarding at a faster speed, Preparing your sales teams with sales readiness offerings, Saving on the cost of sales coaching, and making sales supervisors work easy with detailed and elaborated reports. Explore our offerings here:

Another list of top Sales Readiness Platforms for 2025 

Today, we have come up with another list of top sales readiness platforms. The blog covers a detailed list of feature offerings for the top sales readiness platforms.

List of Top Sales Readiness Platforms 

  • SalesHood 
  • Highspot 
  • Seismic 
  • LevelEleven 


Saleshood is the leading all-in-one sales enablement platform used by hyper-growth companies to boost sales performance. It is proven to reduce time to ramp, lift quota attainment, and accelerate sales velocity. Companies like Drift, Demandbase, Bombora, Domo, Omada Health, Sage, Seagate, RingCentral, Tanium, Tealium, Trinet, and Yext use Saleshood to realize fast revenue outcomes with 100% virtual training, coaching, and selling – at scale.

Pros: It includes a primary set of features a sales readiness platform should offer. It is available across devices – mobile, laptop, tablet. 

Cons: The AI and advanced AI features are missing. The real-time updates are not available. 


Highspot is the sales enablement platform that reps love. We empower companies to elevate customer conversations that drive strategic growth. Our intuitive platform combines intelligent content management, training, contextual guidance, customer engagement, and actionable analytics. Go-to-market teams use Highspot to deliver a unified buying experience that increases revenue, customer satisfaction, and retention. 

Pros: This is an excellent tool for customer-facing teams. It offers some sales enablement offerings as well. 

Cons: Is an excellent tool for customer-facing teams. It offers some sales enablement offerings as well.


Seismic is the industry-leading sales enablement and digital sales engagement solution, aligning go-to-market teams and empowering them to deliver engaging buyer experiences that drive growth. Seismic’s Storytelling Platform™ delivers innovative capabilities for marketers to orchestrate content delivery across all channels and for sellers to engage with prospective buyers in a compelling, resonant manner at every step of the buyer journey. 

Pros: It offers good features from a sales enablement point. It delivers impactful features for marketing enablement as well. 

Cons: Some features regarding sales readiness are missing. AI-driven feature offerings are not present. 


LevelEleven is the leading Performance Management System for customer-facing teams to motivate, engage, and coach around key behaviors that drive results. Reps understand goals and activities. Managers coach with consistency using actionable data. Executives understand what’s working, or not working. Motivate what matters with LevelEleven. 

Pros: Solutions for the sales team and process improvement are included. Real-time insights and detailed reporting are available. 

Cos: AI-driven features are not a part of this tool. The Gamification feature is not a part of this tool. So, this was the list of the top sales readiness platforms. 

Summing it Up…!!! 

Awarathon is one of the best sales video roleplay and assessment platforms. It is powered by advanced AI to rate your video roleplays and generates highly accurate detail reports. It has covered you with all the essentials and relevant offerings to enhance your sales readiness to the next level.

Awarathon is undoubtedly one of the best sales readiness and video roleplay platforms to consider. For the relevant and effective feature offerings vs. the cost at which it comes. It is truly a power-packed tool as compared to the rest of the platforms. 

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