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Comparing SRPs *


Comparing SRPs *

What is the Sales Readiness Platform (SRP)? 

SRP stands for Sales Readiness Platform, also known as Sales Readiness Software. Awarathon is an SRP. Awarathon is a dynamic tool for video-roleplay-led sales coaching. Our virtual training environment leverages AI to help your sales teams make effective, winning pitches. If you are thinking about how to compare SRPs? Let’s show you how we approach! 

Well, performing comparisons with accuracy is not that easy. It is because various parameters are brought into consideration. Hence, it becomes difficult to add meaning to it and retrieve the information needed. 

Now you don’t have to worry about these things as our checklist mentioned below highlights the various points as per the respective category. When you, as a business owner or sales head will approach an SRP provider, you know what to expect and ask. You can bookmark this webpage’s link so that you have your set of Q&As in your mind while approaching any Sales Readiness Platform provider. So, let’s begin! 

Why should your business opt for a Sales Readiness Platform (SRP)? 

  • Practice, Prepare & Perform. 
  • Transform the Sales Process Online. 
  • Benchmark Growth & Results for  Teams. 
  • Effective peer-to-peer & Self Learning. 
  • Speed-up Onboarding with Ease 
  • Better Forecast for Better Sales. 
  • Robust Practice Environment 

Things to Consider When Purchasing SRPs 

Here is a quick list of the things to consider while purchasing Sales readiness software. We have elaborated on a few questions you as an organization can ask. 

  1. The Working Environment: 

Are there any prerequisites for installing the Sales readiness platform? 

Does it come with relevant features like interactive gamification, interesting quiz modules, quiz scores, etc., for your sales reps to practice their learnings? 

Will the Sales readiness platform integrate well with other sales tools for easy accessibility? 

  1. The Support System: 

How robust is the tech support provided for the sales teams to review the performance check for our team? Is the support offered automated or manual? Is there an additional fee/charge for the technical support which your team will be providing? Will there be assistance provided for understanding the platform? 

  1. The Usability Parameters: 

How comfortable are the UI and the platform’s appearances of your Sales readiness platform in terms of usability? How quick is the response time & transition period while handling multiple users on your platform? What business problems will your Sales readiness software be solving for us in terms of the features provided? 

  1. The Reporting System: 

How advanced are the reports generated through your platform & what is the delivery time frame for the reports generated? What are the provisions in terms of real-time report delivery from your platform? How easily accessible are the reports from the platform? 

  1. The Costing:

How is the mode of cost for your Sales readiness platform – subscription-based, monthly, yearly, user-based, or any other method? Is there a cost associated with the platform in terms of maintenance, etc., for using it as a deposit cost? Is the demo provided free or paid before opting for your sales readiness platform? .

A Quick Price Comparison Between Awarathon & the Rest 

When it comes to the costing part, we are among the most affordable Sales readiness platforms in the market. 

Our pricing comes in has two variations. I. $10/user/month [Professional Variant]ii. $12/user/month [Premium Variant] which is reasonable in comparison to other Sales readiness platforms. 

Rehearsal VRP, Brainshark, Mindtickle & Allego. Connect with us to learn more about our pricing quote for your sales team today! 

Our Sales readiness platform offers a rich set of features for video roleplay functionality. As video roleplay is our core specialization, along with the other set of various features.



* Disclaimer: The details mentioned in this blog is based only on information that is publicly available and is subject to constant change. The user is advised that they must verify the information before making any decision linked to the information displayed herein. Awarathon would not be in any way be liable, directly or indirectly, for any decision taken relying on the information displayed herein.