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Is Sales Readiness a Lifestyle?


Is Sales Readiness a Lifestyle?

A robust sales readiness platform or video role play enable sales coaching to be enriched with features. Basically, which are the best alternatives to Brainshark. So, the sales teams can use what they want. Such as access content, and take examinations conveniently. Thus, a sales readiness program does not focus on one size fit formulae. But, it allows your team to customize parameters as required. 

You must have indeed come across the concept of dieting. It is mainly asking for overweight people. Those who eat a lot of junk food, fail to exercise or face health issues. But it is also often seen people follow it for a particular time frame. Then again back to their original habits resulting in weight gain again more than before. 

Rather than following this, research says that to remain healthy in the long run. One must be committed to an appropriate healthy lifestyle. So, you don’t just follow a diet but take steps towards your healthy living, giving you long-term benefits. It includes eating homemade food and exercises daily. Apart from this having more water throughout the day. Also, more salads and leafy vegetables, sleeping on time, and so on. 

Similarly, sales readiness is a lifestyle and not a diet. This means it is not a temporary option to deal with in your organization. It comes with additional benefits to improve your overall sales efforts. It includes process, performance, track, report, and forecast. As it has got you covered with almost everything your sales department would require in their work process. Hence, investing in an online sales readiness platform is a good idea for organizations with medium to large sales teams as it comes with a bunch of features. 

We have made a list of three principal points that mention a healthy sales readiness program. Also, we are one of the best alternatives to Brainshark. So, let us begin one by one and discuss each point in detail. 

  • Content matters. 

Serving your team with the appropriate content at the right time is essential. It helps the sales reps resolve problems that happen on the go. As they have support with the required content to face clients with confidence. It is specifically where video roleplay enable sales learning happens. Activities with micro-learning will help you categorize the coaching over a flexible time frame. They enable you to provide a portion check for the sales readiness program. So that your sales reps do not depend on the sessions for primary meetups. 

  • Stay productive. 

Robust, continued exercise is one key to health and durability that everyone would agree with it. These initiatives are crucial for sales readiness, as well. Presenting information to your salespeople is like reading a book on fitness and, in reality, doing nothing. Applying the knowledge which you learn is what matters the most. It is because that is going to drive positive outcomes. Hence, this is precisely where video role play enabled sales learning is connected. As it is not restricted to just practicing pitches online but a bunch of relevant and required sales tasks to process. It includes sales content, coaching, coordination, reports, performance check, and many more.

  • Combine it. 

All the sales reps do not have a similar learning style. So, there are various features provided by a sales enablement tool. It is where again, video roleplay enabled sales coaching is to consider. It involves multiple content formats to evaluate, such as polls, quizzes, MCQ, and video tests. Making the entire sales process activity for your sales reps a fun thing to do. As it is garnish with interactive gamification, reward points, and scoreboards. It makes learning happen quickly, with fewer chances to forget what they have learned. 

  • Why choose Awarathon’s – Sales Readiness Platform? 

Awarathon’s video roleplay platform is accessible on desktops, tablets, and mobiles. The robust and secure system with feedback assistance. Awarathon is one of the best alternatives to Brainshark. We are a first-of-its-kind AI-enable video roleplay platform. That ensures your sales teams make the perfect pitch. Consistently. 

Our proprietary AI trainer breaks down each element of the perfect sales pitch. To provide actionable feedback to reps so that your company’s message is communicated consistently. 

From body language to gestures to contextual speech intent. The software maps every fundamental knowledge and skill parameter. Robust, customizable reports help you identify critical gaps and improvement areas. At a team and rep level, detailed insights help you address learning needs in a targeted manner. We are not only the best alternatives to Brainshark but also competitors of Mindtickle. 

Awarathon can help your business build a robust, sustainable sales readiness program. They are allowing you to assist your sales reps in learning effectively and efficiently. If you wish to know more about us, you can email us at [email protected] or request a free demo.