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Online Sales Pitch – The Basic Guide


Online Sales Pitch – The Basic Guide

What is an online sales pitch? 

You all must be very familiar with the term – sales pitch. In simple terms, the sales pitch is the planned draft, keeping in mind the sales strategy. To present a designed product or a service, you plan to sell through an online or in-person meeting. The sales pitch helps create brand awareness and enables brand consideration as per the buyer’s customer funnel journey. 

The world has shifted its direction towards working due to the pandemic. The sales teams have too adopted and navigated towards seeking online assistance and work remotely. 

The online sales pitch process, client coordination, market research, presentations, and internal meetings are all executed and monitored online. This shift may not necessarily be easy for all sales reps. But everyone is working online, practising online, and exploring things online to their best abilities. Hence, your sales team must be congratulated for this effort to cope with the shift and manage their entire sales operations virtually. 

With so many things changing around us, getting the priorities right is the key. As a sales rep, you should know what work is pending. So, to make a calendar to ensure things are getting perform on time without delays. 

Work priority matters too. 

How has the selling process changed? 

During the past few months, there has also been a small change in sales reps’ work roles. As the traditional way of meetings is now replaced with online sessions and conferences. Sales reps use to pitch earlier are now done by sales pitch online using a sales readiness platform. To practice and deliver better results. Other free tools like Google calendar, zoom calls, and Google alerts are done in the best way possible & are now our daily work drivers. 

These new standard demands include remote presentations, virtual assistance, online coordination, understanding value propositions and offerings, and online research & data formulation. So, the work across the team is running smoothly. 

Why sales tech tools are essential now? 

Sales readiness tools are essential now than ever before. The primary reason is that the sales reps and teams are now at home. Hence, to make the most of their time and ability, many organizations have shifted to these sales tools. The sales reps have been training on these tools to leverage their sales efforts in a structured manner. 

Apart from this, the sales reps are also told and taught how to make optimal use of other platforms for networking, business listing, etc. 

These efforts will help the sales reps build their networking community, broadcast their product organically to spread awareness, and create an online presence to help them reach the right buyers in a structured and effective manner. Therefore, the impact of online assistance and platforms should not be ignore. 

The practice for sales pitches online is done through the sales readiness tool. There are many videos and blog articles online to gain quality insights, tips, and hacks for your sales reps to improve. Every challenging situation comes with an opportunity, and this is no other. But a sales readiness tool is an all-in-one tool for the majority of your sales relevant concerns. 

Why should online sales training be at the top of the list? 

There will be some new set of work roles that you have defined to your sales reps as a sales manager due to the work’s redefinition. Some work activities are no longer a part of their job. Hence is the addition of new work things to perform as their daily tasks. 

Yes, there is no doubt that the sales training process looks different now than a year ago. But this is the new normal. From an online sales pitch to the entire sales process to go online, the sales reps have come a long way in their journey and deserve appreciation. 

And that is precisely where the sales readiness platform or online sales coaching is the need of the hour. Therefore, online sales training should be the topmost priority of every business right now. 

How’s the change from traditional sales to online sales? 

Here are some of her thoughts on the change from traditional to online sales. So, she has collated it below in an image format as mentioned above. 

How will Awarathon – Help your Sales reps prepare for virtual selling?

Awarathon is a complete sales readiness platform. It will help your sales reps in sales pitching, sales assessment, sales reporting, sales quiz, sales content, virtual coaching, etc. It is enable with the right technology to keep your data secure, by providing reasonable assistance, and is power with the right AI to deliver more than expectations. To see how Awarathon can help elevate your own sales training and readiness programs, schedule a live demo today to know more. 

Any online sales readiness platform’s power is impactful for any business growth that wishes to leverage its sales process and operations online. Apart from just saving a lot of time and effort, it also reduces your sales training costs by providing you with a robust solution. It helps your sales reps to grow beyond borders in terms of their sales performance through practical features like assessments, quizzes, and interactive gamification. Besides, allowing them to practice their video recording test at their convenience & learn more through our video roleplay platform.