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5 tips on driving behavioral change in the sales teams


5 tips on driving behavioral change in the sales teams


Driving behavioral change in training sales team reps is key to increasing sales opportunities and creating a culture of unity and knowledge sharing. But we know that it is not easy to change ingrained habits and behaviors, however, it is not impossible! 

With the current era of the dynamic business environment and evolving consumer behaviors, it is inordinately important for organizations to be behavior-centric rather than results-centric. To understand how organizations can drive behavioral change in the sales teams, we spoke with Mr. Prabhat Pandey in the recent episode of our podcast series – Pitch Perfect. 

We need to look deeper into behavioral economics. And, behavioral economics states that human behavior is mostly sourced from three areas. One is desire, another one is emotion and the third one is knowledge, says Prabhat. In this post, we will share 5 tips so that you can propel behavioral change in your organization. 

  1. Make sure reps are aligned with the organization’s culture 

‘To propel behavioral change, everything starts with the organization’s culture, says Prabhat.’ The sales leadership has to make sure that sales reps understand the culture and that their behavior aligns with the culture. 

In order for reps’ to learn the culture of an organization, the leadership has to empower them with the right tools, support, and coaching. When employees’ values and behaviors are aligned with the culture, there is less uncertainty in what is expected of them. 

  1. Help your sales reps understand their customers 

Most organizations still rely on sales reps’ relationships with the customers. They segment consumers based on behaviors and make sure that the reps’ are making the right pitch aligned to the social style of the consumer. 

“It is important to dig a little deeper to understand the consumer better, states Prabhat.” Organizations can also utilize the science of behavioral economics in their strategies to drive sales conversions. By understanding consumers, sales reps’ can also help consumers make an informed decision. 

  1. Treat training as a journey, not an event

A lot of organizations consider behavioral training as a one-off affair that can fix all the issues. But it is important to know that there is a forgetting curve when it comes to training.If training is not revisited or reinforced, most learning tends to evaporate. 

To drive behavioral change, the management needs to look at training as a long-term process. The line managers need to make sure that sales reps’ apply these behaviors in their work followed by behavioral training. 

  1. Encourage positive behaviors like sincerity and genuineness 

Firstly, sales reps should focus on solution orientation, empathy and being genuine and truthful with the customers. In this generation, it is important that customers don’t feel like you are the sales guy and rather, have to help the customer make an informed buying decision. 

  1. Make training engaging 

If the entire team is disengaged, it is important for the trainer to go back to the training board and reassess the training needs analysis. But if few sales reps are disengaged, it helps to take feedback on what is not working and clarify expectations and monitor performance. 


There are a lot of factors that affect a sales rep’s behavior at the workplace. It could be the work culture, personal life, job satisfaction, and upbringing. Organizations cannot influence these factors but, they can drive desired behavior in reps by diligently following the above strategies. Enhancing the sales employee behavior is key to a productive work environment. 

Technologies like AI are driving behavior change in sales reps through data-driven personalized training. In conclusion, Awarathon is a sales coaching platform that leverages AI to enable personalized training that boosts employee productivity and engagement. 

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