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5 tips to leverage AI in sales training: Saumil Paronigar shares his insights


5 tips to leverage AI in sales training: Saumil Paronigar shares his insights


It is undisputed to say that there is immense potential in leveraging artificial intelligence in sales. Leveraging AI in sales training gives sales reps a more realistic experience. It is more accurate and can run without any geographic constraints. 

When adopted well, AI can be an invaluable tool that can help companies predict the learning gaps in sales reps’ therefore, creating a personalized and individual development plan. 

To understand how organizations can effectively leverage artificial intelligence in sales training, we spoke with Mr. Saumil Paronigar in our podcast series – Pitch Perfect. Just imagine how many redundant tasks sales reps do daily can be reduced. It will save the team from repeatedly shooting in the dark to get new prospects. Sales reps can focus more on identifying new potential buyers and closing deals.

Read on below and follow these 5 tips on effectively adopting artificial intelligence in your sales training program. 

  1. Set criteria and standards 

Organizations need to create a specific set of standards and criteria for each skill model. They need to understand the standard way of doing things at every juncture of the sales cycle in their industry. When adopting AI in sales training, they need to have a team of experts who know both AI technology and sales training. 

  1. Integration of other tools with AI 

You have to choose a holistic AI program that can smoothly integrate with every other system in the organization. For example, you should be able to integrate your AI tool with the lead management system, customer onboarding tools like CRM, employee onboarding journey and performance management system. 

  1. Feedback from customers 

It can be advantageous to take feedback from customers on their preferred approach from the sales rep. By collecting all this data, you can make sales training more realistic. You can develop a robust system to implement this feature in your AI tool. Therefore, effectively adopting AI in sales training. 

  1. Understand your employees 

Organizations must understand their sales fraternity as most of the current employees are gen z with a unique approach toward work. The senior management needs to know the demography and identify if there is any resistance to adopting the AI system. This can be a huge barrier since leveraging AI in sales training is change management for an organization as you will transform how sales reps conduct business. 

  1. Accurate algorithm 

It is very critical to have the right algorithm whether an organization is engineering its own platform or with an enabled system. Not designing the right algorithm can make sales training more cost-effective and time- critical. 


Artificial intelligence is making big transformations in the field of employee training and sales training. But it is important for organizations to take the above necessary steps to successfully implement it. 

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