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Why mobile training is required, Even while working remotely from home


Why mobile training is required, Even while working remotely from home

For all those first time readers who don’t know what Awarathon is? Well, Awarathon is one of the competitors to Rehearsal VRP. In today’s blog article, we will discuss the various aspects of why Training Needs to Be Mobile, Even While We Work From Home. It highlights the multiple aspects to showcase the importance of a mobile device in daily work operations. So, let us begin the article by starting and begin exploring. 

Is living without our phones difficult? 

The answer is yes. We all cannot live without our mobile phones. It is because there is so much in it, perhaps everything you ask. Also, due to the current situation, we are using our mobile phones more than ever. Research says that mobile and internet data is rising with the increasing number of people working from home. 

Well, we love our smartphones. It is because they have got us covered with almost everything we ask for in our daily work. Right from emails, video calls, reminders, paying your bills, buying daily essentials, ordering food, working on an urgent project, messaging your peers, maps while travelling, reading a book, listening to music, watching a movie, health data, capturing memories, scanning documents, online trading, gaming, and the list goes on. 

Hence, most people buy expensive smartphones. In order to get the best possible experience on their screen. As it is with a powerful processor, battery, and other required support like better apps, connectivity, etc. 

Traditional thinking might assume that the app on the mobile can only be useful for entertainment purposes. It may not necessarily be the case in every situation, especially when organizing sales teams. As they require the best video based roleplay platform to manage their sales work and process online effectively. 

Accessing the most relevant content for training and feedback from our teams via mobile is still extremely important. To practice sales pitch online, take an assessment quiz, etc. So, sales productivity apps such as Awarathon enable organizations to maintain and even enhance communication and collaboration wherever and whenever it works. Apart from just Awarathon, there are many competitors to Rehearsal VRP. 

Teams adjustment to New Challenges 

This year is revolutionary. It came up with several changes and challenges we got adopted. The work conditions today have changed significantly as compared with months ago. 

Working from home can be challenging for those living with more people in their families or those who share apartments with others. Those who have a dedicated workstation at their homes might be happy with this new working normal. Many are setting up work things at their homes by doing the necessary changes, learning to make effective use of their home, and utilizing items available before ordering anything new. 

Some are searching for a better place to live, which can be rented, or some are happy making the adjustments in their existing homes: different people, different stories when it comes to managing their work-life balance.

Therefore, there is a need for the best video based roleplay platform for sales departments’ virtual work. You, as sales reps or managers, can access your mobile app anytime, anywhere. To track your performance, access required content, or attempt your assessment quiz. 

Hence, we still need a mobile, even though most of us are no longer on the go due to its importance, which can never be ignored. 

How can organizations assist? 

Companies must support mobile access to critical capabilities. The company’s managers and leaders must realize how the times have changed, so we have to depend on technology like never before. Stats also show that mobile use has increased as it has become essential for literally everything work. Today as we see, everything is connected to our mobiles. It includes – banking transactions, shopping, communicating, entertainment, food, travel, plan, capture moments, daily essentials, learning a skill, work matters, etc. 

So, why not equip your sales team with the best video based roleplay platform enabling them to work effectively and seamlessly. Besides, allowing you as a sales manager to track sales performance and forecast. 

Is Sales Readiness the way forward? 

For your sales team to achieve your sales goals, a sales readiness platform is the way forward. In a word, with global business disruptions and changes, one must think agile to remain sustainable in the long run. 

If your working firm does not support mobile access to critical and core capabilities, your team is missing essential elements refraining you from your business growth. Hence, a best video based roleplay platform sales readiness is a must but not an option considering long-term benefits to meet for an all-round sales development & grow more. 

Adaptation of the right technology at the right time is crucial. Hence, neglecting the importance and carrying on with the traditional ways is not a smart move. To accomplish the objective in today’s situation where both the employee and the employer faces uncertain challenges and pressure, one cannot broadcast or implement the old school methods. The legacy approach relies on platforms before the mobile (smartphone), redefining the way we operate it. Hence, not letting the companies set learning in their working staff members. 

In a world full of business disruptions, the bottom line is that the firms must prepare for an unprecedented agility level to remain competitive long-term. If your business isn’t serving mobile access to significant capabilities—including training, coaching, and development—you’re dropping out on a necessary opportunity to support your workforce during the pandemic and beyond.

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