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Top AI-Powered Video Roleplay Platforms Mindtickle | Brainshark | Rehearsal | Awarathon Feature List * – What’s best in 2023


Top AI-Powered Video Roleplay Platforms Mindtickle | Brainshark | Rehearsal | Awarathon Feature List * –  What’s best in 2023

“An AI-powered video roleplay software is one of the most effective sales tools for streamlining your sales process, assisting your organization in meeting sales quotas, and forecasting sales for the upcoming quarters online effectively.”

AI-powered video roleplay platform is one of the most effective tools for streamlining the sales process and aiding your organization in achieving sales targets. This software will enable your team to engage in video roleplay exercises, compare efforts, forecast results, and easily achieve sales targets.

Mindtickle vs. Brainshark vs. Rehearsal vs. Awarathon

The AI-powered video roleplay platform provides real-time analysis of sales rep’s behavior and performance metrics through the use of AI-driven analytics, allowing sales teams to make informed choices and adjust strategies quickly. Therefore choosing the correct video roleplay platform is not an easy task. The uncertainty arises from the abundance of possibilities offered. If your firm is looking for a video roleplay platform, you may come across Mindtickle, Brainshark, Rehearsal by ELB Learning, or Awarathon. The list of features mentioned below will help you make an informed decision.


Mindtikle, a revenue enablement solution was founded in the year 2011. It focuses on sales readiness through sales enablement and training.

So who’s using Mindtickle? Here are some well-known names:

  • Juniper Networks
  • Janseen
  • Cipla
  • Purecars
  • Price Labs

Mindtickle Features:

  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Sales Forecasting (RO&I)
  • Digital Sales Rooms
  • Analytics & Dashboards
  • Call Recorder
  • Video Recorder


Brainshark was founded in 1999. Brainshark is a sales enablement and training solution that offers interactive learning content, seamless onboarding and training, and AI-driven scoring and feedback.

So who’s using Brainshark? Here are some well-known names:

  • Laticrete
  • Avid
  • Colonial Life
  • Riverbed
  • BTG

Brainshark Features: 

  • Content Creation
  • Content Libraries
  • Coaching Materials
  • Video Record
  • Leaderboard
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Customized Learning Paths

Rehearsal by ELB learnings

Rehearsal was founded in the year 2015 now a part of ELB Learnings. It offers a video-based practice and coaching platform used to improve selling and communication skills.

So who’s using Rehearsal? Here are some well-known names:

  • Edmunds
  • Training Magazine Network
  • Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
  • Chesterton
  • Eli Lilly and Company

Rehearsal Features:

  • Hotseat Scenarios
  • Guided Learning Paths
  • Audio-Only Responses
  • Screen Recording
  • Coaching with Personalized Feedback
  • Video/Audio Transcripts in Multiple Languages
  • Team Leaderboards

Now let’s talk about Awarathon.


Awarathon was founded in the year 2018. We provide dynamic tools for video-roleplay-led sales coaching. Our virtual training environment leverages AI to help your sales teams make effective, winning pitches. Our AI-enabled, video roleplay platform ensures your sales teams hit the right notes. Consistently.

Awarathon’s realistic sales simulator features an AI-generated persona named Trinity that aims to assist organisations in training their sales force with interactive virtual video-roleplays that replicate real-life sales pitches. Our dynamic AI persona can be customized to any customer profile as per the company’s requirements. It also improves objection-handling capabilities, allowing sales professionals to refine strategies. The real-time instant feedback reports help sales professionals understand their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement while the training experience is still fresh in their minds.

Practising a sales pitch in front of a client is not feasible, as it may result in losing the client. Through these realistic AI simulators, Awarathon has created a risk-free practice environment with virtual scenarios to prepare the sales team to face real clients, ultimately increasing the probability of successfully closing sales pitches with actual sales.

So who’s using Awarathon? Here are some well-known names:

  • Dr Reddy
  • Sun Pharma
  • Glenmark
  • Novartis
  • Mankind
  • Bajaj finserv

Awarathon Features:

When compared to the competition, we are one of the true leaders in terms of AI-enabled video roleplay functionality. Aside from that, it includes all of the vital and necessary elements from the competitors’ offers. As a result, we are one of the best choices among buyers for an online sales-readiness platform.

Now, let’s have a look at what we have to offer as our feature list –

  • Advanced AI simulator
  • Intent mapping
  • Realistic simulations
  • Customizable AI persona
  • Objection handling and probing abilities
  • Instant performance feedback
  • Robust reports and analytics
  • On-the-go training
  • Risk-free practice environment
  • Content libraries
  • Knowledge and skill competency mapping
  • Multilingual assessment module
  • Customizable parameters as per the client’s sales call framework.
  • Real-time performance metrics
  • Gamified knowledge quizzes
  • End-to-end data security

Awarathon: How much does it cost?

The sales readiness platforms charge anywhere between $30 -$50 per user. Whereas at Awarathon we charge $10 for the pro variant and $12 for the premium one which makes Awarathon one of the affordable sales readiness platforms to choose from.

The Verdict

Awarathon is one of the best choices for business over the others as Awarathon provides more in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI than any other company on the market at a very affordable price. Our AI Simulator’s ability to anticipate real pitch scenarios and generate questions based on real-time answers adds significant value to the training experience. Don’t just take our word to check us out on G2 to see our client’s success stories!

* Disclaimer: The details mentioned in this blog are based only on information that is publicly available and is subject to constant change. The user is advised that they must verify the information before making any decision linked to the information displayed herein. Awarathon would not be in any way liable, directly or indirectly, for any decision taken relying on the information displayed herein.