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Sales Training Program – An Informative Guide


Sales Training Program – An Informative Guide

What should a successful sales training program provide? 

A successful sales training program provides coaching to sales reps. It includes the essential skills required at every step of their buyer journey. It includes right from the first call or email to the closure stage. Many businesses implement sales training platform program. The ones that specifically focus on how to train sales reps online by discussing their core problems. Once your sales reps’ vital issues are understood and addressed. It will help them drive quality results & help achieve sales quotas. An effective sales training program must identify custom problems. And should also provide a comprehensive plan to achieve sales growth. It should deep dive into the company facts and sales challenges rather than giving generic solutions. It should help bridge gaps and improve on parameters where required. Hence, while choosing a sales training program, ensure that the program’s features match your company’s purpose or not. Let’s get into some facts about the all-purpose programs. It is commonly known as One Size Fit All Training for Sales

Why say no to One-Size-Fit-All kind of Sales training? 

As this sales training program does not focus on your organization’s core sales problems. Your sales team will not relate to it. Hence, you will invest your time and efforts in the wrong direction by choosing a one-size-fits-all training program. Organizations in the US spend more than about $10 billion yearly on sales training but cannot attain better quota rates. The fact is more than half of the sales reps are missing their quotas. The primary reason for the failure is the one-size-fits-all sales programs. They assume that more than one or most sales reps will have encountered the same problem. Organizations in different domains sell different products/services. Also, their sales reps will have various issues based on the buyer journey. Also, the level of experience they carry. They have a unique set of challenges to face which require solutions from the team or managers. Say, for example, the sales process for pitching a B2B product will be different from that of the B2C one. Hence, the entire strategy and steps involved will change. Hence, the results will not be as significant as that of the programs designed for individuals. Focusing on current concerns and sales challenges in an organization and not discussing a generic issue. Then what kind of points should your organization look at while considering a successful sales training program? Let us read further to know more about this part as well. Then, what are the key Essential points required for a Successful Sales Training Program? 

The traditional sales training program is mostly one way of communication. In this type, the sales trainer/ coach explains the various points required for a successful sale. But what’s next? This approach is not monitored or tracked for performance or to check positive/ negative impact after the training. Hence, the best and most successful sales training program should consider the five essential features discussed below. 

  1. Customized Platform 
  2. Actual Scenario 
  3. Interactive Gamification 
  4. Reinforcement with Structure 
  5. Metrics to Track 


  1. Customized Platform: The customized platform allows you to add, edit, and delete specific content as per your business needs. This platform seamlessly allows you to add, edit, and remove entries made, add questions for your reps, and upload question sheets catering to your business so that your sales reps can answer them. It also allows the sales managers to generate and review robust reports by utilizing the mobile platform’s easy-to-use and understanding of the evaluation metrics. Isn’t it interesting and engaging? 
  2. Actual scenario (world): A successful training program for sales uses actual buying-selling techniques and industry methods. To handle problems and provide solutions. The video training platform allows sales reps to practice, take a test, and evaluate their scores. Hence, this step becomes an integral part of deciding how to train sales reps online.
  3. Interactive Gamification: Content that does not inspire you will not create a good impact on your understanding, especially when you learn something for the first time. It is where gamification comes into the picture to drive more focus and a better understanding of the learning process. Reps are more likely to learn better and grasp faster through the use of interactive gamification. The use of gamification includes – quizzes, assessments, interactive dashboards, and layouts. The game-like construct keeps reps more engaged than the traditional learning method, which is not inclined towards interactivity and a practical approach. This technique/ method enables them to understand all the various aspects required and upgrade their sales skills more than ever before as that of conventional training. The sales reps are now more confident and knowledgeable because of the practice they performed through the actual scenarios and gamification. 
  4. Reinforcement with Structure Reinforcement is key. It is required to help sales reps to understand what they’ve learned. But, without a systematic and structured approach, this is not possible. Stats show that an average of 50% of the learned content is left behind. That too within 4-6 weeks & after three months, about the number jumps to 80% and more. However, a sales training program with customization easily allows the sales team to successfully achieve objectives and sell. It is simply because of the structure that comes in place which is missing in the traditional sales learning approach. 
  5. Metrics to Track How the sales managers should know if their reps using the platform? Is it proving beneficial for them, or they aren’t able to do the most of it? This part will exactly help you answer this. Impactful Sales Metrics that can be measured can be improved, and the same applies here. The sales managers get a classification of the performance of their reps. So, they know which representatives require more practice and guidance and which representatives are ready to sell online. These were the five points for a successful sales training program and useful tips on how to train sales reps online using the sales enablement tool. Now let us briefly talk about our sales enablement platform’s features and why you should consider Awarathon over other sales readiness tools. Let’s begin. 

Awarathon’s Sales Training 

Awarathon provides a safe environment for your staff to practice their learning in any scenario. It combines high-security levels with data backup so that your practice never stops. The responses collected from sales reps are shared with the manager to improve what is missing from the sales reps precisely. Awarathon’s feature-rich platform goes beyond the basic video-role-play functionality to comprehensively address the requirements of your fast-growing sales team. 

Awarathon’s data-driven approach is mobile-access friendly. It helps to track individual performance and map it to the key metrics required for business growth. It also helps bridge the gaps providing a unique solution on how to train your sales reps online.