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Season 2 Episode 8 : Pharmaceutical Sales: A Passion or Necessity?

29 December, 2023


About Awarathon

About the speaker

Anand Kaushal

DGM- Sales and Training at Ipca Laboratories

Anand Kaushal is the DGM- Sales and Training at Ipca Laboratories

He has more than 24 years of experience in Sales Training Learning and Development and has made significant contributions to establishing training systems.

About this podcast

In this insightful podcast, we had a chat with Anand Kaushal (DGM- Sales and Training at Ipca Laboratories) and had the best conversations on how to excel in pharmaceutical sales.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we discussed:

  • Cultivating a passionate workplace culture in pharma
  • The role of L&D in maximizing sales
  • Cutting-edge technology and platforms that can revolutionize the way pharmaceutical sales representatives build their skills.