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Season 1 Episode 1: Disrupting the Sales Training Landscape

29 December, 2023


About Awarathon

About the speaker

Harsh Monga

Director & Head – Sales Training at Dr. Reddy’s.

Mr. Harsh Monga is a Global Leadership and Executive Coach; a Certified OD Specialist from TISS; a Life Member of Harvard Square; and also a Member of the International Coach Federation. He has almost 3 decades of work experience having played different roles starting from Sales and Business Management to Training & Development, L&D, OD, and Leadership Development. Harsh has
worked in many sectors like Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Financial Services, Petroleum, IT/ITES, Consulting, and many more, where he headed and turned around the Training & Development functions.

He is a recipient of several awards, including the Most Fabulous Coaching Leaders Award 2020; the 100 Top Training & Development Minds Award; and the Global Training & Development Leadership Award, to name a few. Mr. Harsh Monga is known in the training community not only as a Master Trainer but also as a pioneer who stays ahead of the times by bringing in the best of the practices and institutionalizing these to create business impact.

About this podcast

In this premiere episode of the #PitchPerfect podcast series, we are joined by Mr. Harsh Monga, Director & Head – Sales Training at Dr. Reddy’s. Here, Mr. Monga will share his insights on disrupting the sales training landscape.Here’s a breakdown of what we covered in this episode:

  • Building customer relationships in the unpredictable buyer landscape
  • Creating personalized learning experiences for sales teams.
  • Leveraging sales readiness
  • The best way to measure effective sales training programs
  • AI and its influence on the sales function
  • Tips for training effective sales teams