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Components of a Sales Readiness Platform: Automating the Last Mile of the Front Office


Components of a Sales Readiness Platform: Automating the Last Mile of the Front Office

This blog article will be covering the various components of a sales readiness platform. Many of the technologies emphasize marketing automation functions or sales processes like sales activity management, CRM, forecasting, customer management, and many more. These are crafted to improve the marketing capability to connect with the buyers or the sales reps’ productivity, effectiveness, and data quality in the back office. It is where sales readiness software comes into the frame as it provides an all-rounder essential set of features required for your sales team to level up. Get a free demo to learn more about the sales readiness platform. Our feature offerings to overcome your business challenges. 

The Sales Tools 

Although there is the availability of such tools, one area that remains untouched is the improvising in-person interactions between companies and clients. Usually, all client-facing teams must have the required knowledge, skills, and positivity to provide an interactive customer experience. As every organization prioritizes making things happen toward their business objectives, readiness actions have the majority divided and siloed. The sales teams are equipped with all the required content, tools, and advice from their sales managers/ leaders/ heads to effectively sell. The R&D departments primarily emphasize the overall growth of the organization as a whole. 

However many companies still lack ways of periodic, scalable, and repeatable work approaches to prepare and access employees who face customers. There is no structured approach to automate and simplify things required to enhance customer engagement productivity. This is where a sales readiness platform is involved. As it provides sales reps to better utilize sales enablement and material for automating frontline officers. 

As we all know, some organizations invest a considerable amount in their sales coaching programs to train their sales executives. It is also essential to test their performance and skills by doing a mock before facing the buyers. Therefore, sales readiness software comes in handy for your post-training performance check. 

Sales Readiness Platform: Data-Driven, Automated Capabilities Evaluation 

A Sales Readiness platform aims to assess how competent a customer-facing representative is. To engage a client or prospect and drive the discussion towards a particular consequence. So, in the same way, getting solutions to problems of what a sales rep can pitch and sell; practices to be appealing and deliver an excellent customer experience during the buying journey. 

Data is the foundation of any top sales readiness program 

A data-driven Sales Readiness platform enables the aggregation of measured abilities and competencies that best connect with sales performance and venture metrics and are most important to an organization. Those become an organization’s “capability structure” that can be utilized to recognize experience and information gaps and drive remediation through education, training, and coaching. Through this data, companies can optimize their readiness expenses and build role-specific readiness content, training, and coaching plans that map back to the framework. Then the platform helps evaluate the impact of those plans to inform constant development plans. 

We will now be covering the various components of a sales readiness software, also known as a sales readiness platform. Let’s begin. 

Components of a Sales Readiness Platform 

When evaluating a sales readiness platform that aligns with data and an insight-driven approach. It is vital to keep in mind the following pointers. So let us take a deep dive into what factors form the essential components of a sales readiness platform. 

The Delivery of Content 

Cloud and web-based solutions with mobile abilities are essential. To adopt as the mobile workforce takes hold. Due to the new standard sales executives work remotely at a distance. Hence, they should consume content remotely with ease at their requirements from their respective devices. 

The ongoing learning activity 

Different sales executives have different ways to learn and adapt things. Hence, the provision of continuing knowledge is performed in various forms. It includes videos, graphics, documents, podcasts, etc. So, searching for solutions to cater the range from video to podcast and video roleplay to presentation. 

Coaching on the Field 

The sales executives or the sales team often look for solutions. The strategies to assist live coaching led by coaches. Online and customized coaching allows sales managers to observe, conduct, and capture one-on-one interactions. Recording the sessions helps to revisit them and find knowledge gaps, skill gaps, and presentation gaps. For further improvement, enabling the sales teams to scale up their efforts. A good sales training session should make use of data collected from various lectures conducted. To verify sales managers are teaching effectively & the sales executives continue to improve. Real-time reporting assists managers in enabling leadership to get better insights into the coaching program. 

Use-case Features

The sales readiness software should enable auto-assign for new users/ employees to the appropriate readiness paths. Apart from just the long-format content/ course, microlearning should also be considered. So that the content is grasped in the form of new learning material & is easily understood by the sales executives. Post which conducting assessments in the form of a quiz, MCQ must check competency gaps. The technology used in the sales readiness software must identify gaps with the sales executives’ suggestions. To learn and practice again until perfection. Generally, the sales readiness platform also includes – interactive gamification, scenario-based questions, critical objection handling, robust reporting, and detailed scorecards. The sales executives must explore it in detail for their learning and practice. 

Video Roleplay 

A sales readiness software should propose remote roleplay & stimulated sales scenes for their sales executives to enhance their sales process. The video roleplay is a powerful tool when it comes to practicing, preparing, and performing. When it comes to Awarathon, we are the experts in providing this feature in the sales readiness platform. Video roleplay is one of the primary features used by our Awarathon platform. The various mediums and platforms the sales executives can utilize to prepare themselves through practice using the sales readiness software. A Sales Readiness platform should assist in skill growth for each of these kinds of engagements. 

The Ecosystem 

The sales enablement sessions cannot operate in isolation. Hence, it is essential to factor in data availability. As the content might be exchanged with other systems and tech solutions. The objective is to consolidate separated solutions around the same set of interconnected enterprises, marketing, and operations functions. The right set of API, data sources, integration policies, migration rules, setup guides, and so on. 

Finishing it up 

Measuring, forecasting, and executing the success of a sales enablement program can be a tedious task when it comes to evaluating the ROI aspect of a sales readiness platform. It is equally important to consider brand perception, revenue matrices, and brand value. As most companies aim high for customer experience and engagement at the top of their pyramid, sales readiness is a more critical part of the sales enablement strategy. When provided with the knowledge and skills required, the client-facing representatives are positive and prepared for fruitful and engaging interactions with clients, which interprets more closed deals, larger deal sizes, and, ultimately, more significant business growth. 

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