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5 point checklist for choosing the right sales readiness platform


5 point checklist for choosing the right sales readiness platform


In the present times, the notion of a sales organization has undergone significant changes. One such big shift is the ever-changing buyer expectations. To engage and keep up with the buyer’s demands, it is not enough for the sales representatives to just have the right skills. They must also have the ability to engage the buyers throughout their journeys and form meaningful connections. To keep up with these changes, organizations are looking beyond their traditional sales training programs toward sales-readiness platforms powered by technology. 

Sales readiness platforms equip the reps with the information and resources needed to be effective communicators, thereby improving their productivity. In this post, we will reveal a pivotal checklist that will help your organization choose the right sales readiness platform. 

  1. A sales readiness platform that delivers measurable outcomes 

An effective sales readiness platform must provide measurable insights on customer experience, key performance indicators, and competency gaps of reps and provide an actionable roadmap to make your sales reps sales-ready. It is also crucial to present the insights in a way that is easy for the target users to understand. 

You need to choose a platform that assesses all the verbal and non-verbal behaviors of reps and takes your customers and businesses’ unique needs into consideration. 

  1. A sales readiness platform that provides customization and support.

You don’t want a sales readiness platform that provides generalized sales guidance and does not take your unique business needs into consideration. An effective sales readiness platform takes your specific business needs and target audience into account and tailors its guidance to sales reps so that they can have high-value conversations with actual customers. 

  1. A sales readiness platform that enhances reps’ knowledge and skill

One of the main motivations for using a sales readiness platform is to have your sales reps ready with proper behavior skills and relevant knowledge, helping them to effectively communicate with their target customers and improve sales productivity. Therefore, readiness platforms have a vast library of learning material to instill the right behavior and knowledge. Sales readiness platforms enabled by AI can identify the competency gaps of reps and provide an actionable roadmap to upskill and enhance reps’ knowledge. 

  1. A sales readiness platform that can implement peer-to-peer learning.

Many sales readiness platforms ignore this aspect and don’t leverage the knowledge and data on high-performing sales reps to help low-performing reps. You need to look for a platform that analyses and provides insights on the techniques and strategies of high-performing reps. With the help of AI, your high-performing reps can become benchmarks for success that can help other sales reps in developing these skills and knowledge. 

  1. A sales readiness platform that can update your training program as and when your business needs change 

Your organization may decide to launch a new product or may pivot to target a new audience or a new market. Business needs inevitably evolve, and so do the needs of your sales team. Choose a platform that can customize and adapt to the changing needs of your business. 


Choosing a sales readiness platform for your organization should be a well-thought-out decision. The right platform can set up your organization for a greater magnitude of sales success. Reflect on these five points to ensure that your sales team has all the right tools and applications that can assist them in becoming effective communicators. 

About Awarathon 

A sales readiness platform that provides a virtual practice environment allowing reps to practice their pitch deeply assesses competency gaps in reps, and provides actionable insights and roadmaps, maximizing support to your sales team. Awarathon provides customizable guidance and adapts its training platform to your business needs. Therefore, ensuring a smooth sales readiness experience. 

To learn more about Awarathon, contact us or schedule a demo to discover how Awarathon can design a unique sales readiness experience for your organization.