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Secure sales enablement with privacy measures

Amplify Security Measures, Empowering Your Sales Focus.

Sales Excellence, Fortified by Security

We cater to your company's distinct needs with assurance. Effortlessly adjust and personalize security and compliance configurations.

End-to-End Encryption

Robust end-to-end encryption protocols to safeguard all data transmitted through our training platform, ensuring confidential information transmission.

Access Controls and Permissions

mpower clients with precise control over user permissions, ensuring authorized access to specific training materials and sensitive data.

Client-Specific Privacy Configurations

Customize security settings to align with organizational policies. Tailor privacy configurations for a personalized and secure training experience.

Seamless Integration with Awarathon

Awarathon integrates with LMS and CRM platforms, using an API-driven approach to streamline data management and enhance organizational efficiency, ensuring a unified user experience and promoting growth.

Streamline Security Through Always-on Systems and Customisable Controls

Compliance with Industry Standards

Fortified by an ISO certification, we conduct routine Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) reports, ensuring our systems consistently meet and exceed industry benchmarks.

Robust Access Control Policy

At Awarathon, strict access policies safeguard critical assets. Authorized users, with encrypted credentials, ensure controlled access. Clients and vendors access information securely through contracts.

Security Protocol Training

Our comprehensive training program equips employees with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain the highest standards of data security.

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Impact Created

25 %

Customer Time

25 %

Increase In
Brand Exposure

50 %

Improved Learner

50 %

Improved Skill

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